April 25, 2018-Branson Adventure #2 (Day 1)

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I woke up at the time that I should be getting up on Wednesdays. That was a good thing since I was able to fold a few loads of laundry and empty the dishwasher. The kids were pretty quick to wake up and start putting on their clothes. Anderson wasn't pleased with having to wear a Sunday shirt since it was Wednesday.

Today wasn't any normal Wednesday because this was performance day along with Branson day. We headed to Bible study at the normal time, but at 11 all of the kids classes performed a few songs. Robby and all of the grands were there to see everyone.

Well, not all of my Dennie's performed. Reagan, my baby, is too old to perform anymore. So she was helping the babies! Made me a bit sad. Graham, Anderson and Campbell's classes all performed together. Graham was Luke in their play. When he heard that we were leaving for Branson today, he gladly offered for us to leave early and him to miss his part. Graham and Anderson had parts in their song as well. They each chanted a Bible verse.

Keaton and Whitman's group performed a few songs too. Of course, my Keaton is as precious as she could be and knew all of the words to the songs. Whitman, on the other hand enjoyed performing. He has even perfected his bow! Gracious me!

Afterwards, the kids went home with Robby while Nonna and I went shopping. It was my birthday shopping trip. I delayed it since I do like having new clothes for our big trips. We went out to eat and then we quickly found everything on my list.

When we were done, I took Nonna home and showed Pops my loot. Then I text Robby and headed home. His exact response to my "headed home" text was "Ugh, you are early." I didn't think that was very kind at all! I believe that he was trying to say that they weren't quite ready to leave yet at home. I wasn't home that early after all-possibly 30 minutes earlier than we had guessed I would be. Once I made it home, the loading began.

Everyone pottied and before long, we were in the car headed to Branson. It is nice now that everyone, well except Whitman, know to turn off the lights and pick up when we leave and especially when we are leaving for a few days. 

I always think that taking a little trip before a big trip is a very good thing. We were quick to find the first thing that we needed to work on before the trip is the DVD player. The last trip it was very contrary but we couldn't get it to play anything today. It did pass the time just the same today-for me and Robby. I worked on it until Conway. Then I drove and Robby worked on it for at least another hour. 

Other things that we have added to our trip list is warm hotel clothes for me (I'm always cold), a GPS cord, podcasts about where we are, lots of trash bags and a portable fan. I am sure that you will rest better knowing that list. 

We stopped once on the way for a potty stop, and then we finally stopped again in Harrison at McDonalds. Robby had a free chicken sandwich and it was absolutely delicious. I was told to not get used to them because they were pricey! 

From Harrison, it was just a short drive to our motel. We did have to drive near the lake while it was dark and foggy. This set the mood for a few of my people to get spooked-Keaton, Campbell and Graham. 

Our motel tonight is an older lodge. It looks pretty dated and that long with the fact that we are the only ones staying in it, added to the spooks of my 3 spooked kids. The room is large with a kitchen area, pull out couch and 3 beds. We all vegged out for a bit while eating oreos before finally going to sleep.

And yes, Graham would have been sleeping in the bed with Reagan tonight but he decided that he wanted to be in the same room as us! Keaton lost her second tooth on the way here tonight so even though she tried to stay awake, she didn't make it too long. Graham was up a bit later and did look up anytime Robby neared the tooth. 

Hopefully, we will all sleep well because tomorrow is breakfast out and then Silver Dollar City!

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