April 2, 2018-Happy 5th Birthday Whitman!

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  • The birthday boy joined us in our bed this morning around 4 again. He must be having some crazy dreams because again he flew into our room and leaped into our bed. This time, we made sure that he stayed right where he was supposed to and not take over our bed.
  • As soon as Robby and Whitman were dressed, they headed to Krispy Kreme to pick up doughnuts for his class birthday snack today. He had a birthday crown to wear today at school. He was also the line leader, and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. I think that spending your birthday at school might not be such a bad thing.
  • After school, he went to Nonna and Pops' house. He was treated to a birthday doughnut and a Happy Meal. It was a big day for our little man.
  • Back at our house, the rest of us started on our school for the week. Things went fairly well this morning, and most everything was accomplished before lunch time. In a few weeks, our homeschool group is going to do a day of science fair projects so my Dennies need to get started. Eeek! Whitman is the only Dennie who is finished with theirs so far.
  • Robby and Reagan ran to lunch. On their way to lunch, they checked to see if our Little Ceasars was giving away their pizza lunches. They were out and just giving out vouches for 50% off. We decided that was still a good enough deal for us all to go so I loaded up my crew to grab the coupon and grab a pizza for lunch. 
  • I was the first one in the car and tried to start it and nothing! It looks like I did leave one of our chargers plugged up in a cigarette lighter so that is probably why. So there was no pizza for lunch for my crew at home-just leftovers. No one really seemed to mind too bad since they were quickly told that Robby would buy pizza for supper tonight on his way home from soccer practice.
  • Later in the afternoon, Robby worked on the car, and I drove to Nonna's house to pick up Whitman. While I was there, I kept it running so we tried not to stay too long. Then back at home, I left the car running a bit more to keep charging that battery. Hopefully, all is well with my little car now.
  • The girls really wanted to play with the neighbors today, but unfortunately they were not finished with school and never came out today. I did play some basketball with Keaton and Campbell, but they spent most of the afternoon and evening bouncing around from one activity to another. 
  • At 5, Reagan, Anderson and Graham headed to soccer. I think that it was probably pretty chilly tonight during their practice. The little girls, Whitman and I played a game and even shrunk some of his shrinky dinks. 
  • Once the soccer crew came in and told us all about their scrimmages, we opened up our pizza boxes and dug into supper. The kids then started showers before we had one more birthday celebration. Robby had bought a cinnamon pizza so we put one last candle on it and sang once again to the birthday boy. He seems to eat up all of this attention.
  • We watched some of the big basketball game tonight. Everyone had to go to bed at 10 so they didn't see the end. For our brackets, it didn't matter who won tonight because I am already the big bracket winner. The kids are a bit jealous but I did win a movie with Robby.

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