April 29, 2018

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  • The tooth fairy visited Anderson last night since he had lost a tooth at the soccer fields yesterday. Anderson said that he wanted his money in pennies and sure enough the tooth fairy delivered pennies. Now, this morning Anderson said that he wasn't the one who wanted his money in pennies. And by tonight, when I offered to trade his 104 pennies in for a dollar bill, he was pretty sour about the whole thing. The tooth fairy has almost had enough but by my count, there are at least 50 baby teeth to be lost in the house.
  • I thought that everyone slept well last night, but when Keaton went to climb in her bed tonight she discovered that she was sick last night. Joy! Nothing like cleaning up day old vomit! She didn't remember being sick so hopefully, it was just her normal occasional nighttime sickness.
  • Not only was this church morning but it was also Feed the Need morning. After church, we worked at Kroger collecting food. Things were a bit more organized than when we helped last time. 
  • It is always a good lesson working the Feed for Need. I pointed out two main things to the kids: 1. You do not want to have to ask people for money or panhandle. And number 2. So many people came to shop right after leaving their church houses, yet they didn't help when they had such an easy opportunity. We say we are Christians but we just don't live like it. Now, also the people that were the most different from us and the people that looked like they didn't have any money to spare were so much more likely to give.
  • Our shift was from 11 to 1. It was kind of cool outside but the time went by fairly quickly. I did not want to have to talk to people but somehow I ended up at the door handing out cards and telling people what we were doing. When the kids were helping pass out the cards, people were much more responsive. Reagan and Camryn took about an hour to work up enough nerve to actually talk to people, but Whitman quickly learned my speech and would gladly tell anyone who would listen.
  • Afterwards, I ran into the store to pick up some food for our family while Robby bought lunch across the street. Then we headed home. Robby worked in the yard while I worked on packing. My list is down to 4 pages. I did have to take a break for a bit to help Robby in the yard. His lawnmower got stuck in the yard. He had Anderson sit on it so he could push it but that didn't work. I walked out in time to help push, and thankfully, while standing in mud and with the tires spinning mud I ended up not getting any on me.
  • I had finished my work and sat down for a few minutes before we jumped up to head to the church picnic. The weather was perfect, and the kids enjoyed just playing in the fields. There were jumpys tonight so Whitman was in heaven. We ate and then encouraged the kids to stop playing and eat. They all ended up eating but for a while I wasn't sure if they would make it to the line before they ran out of food.
  • We stayed until the very end of the picnic. We had brought Camryn and Laynie with us so after dropping them off, we went home for showers. It was already late but the kids still had time to work on their science fair speeches along with picking up a bit.
  • When it was finally bedtime, Whitman and Anderson are sleeping in a fort that they built. It is tiny, and I doubt that they will make it all night in there but at least they are quiet right now. 

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