April 24, 2018

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  • We didn't hear anyone this morning when our alarms started ringing. Later, we did discover that Anderson and Graham were awake but that was all. Robby woke up Whitman, who quickly put on his clothes so he could join his brothers watching Minecraft.
  • I made his breakfast, and soon Whitman was headed out the door with Robby. Poor Whitman only has 5 days of school left so he better get there early and learn alot.
  • Back at home, we had breakfasts and then started on our school work. It was kind of crazy since we had not done a full day of school this week and since my mind was on getting garage sale stuff ready, our 6 dentist and 1 ortho appointment along with packing for tomorrow. My yesterday's to do list was nothing compared to todays.
  • By 1, Reagan had already been to the dentist, school was mostly finished, 4 bags had been packed, many chores done and garage sale stuff loaded. Soon the kids were loaded in the car, and we zoomed to pick up Whitman.
  • He was at Grannymom's house for the short afternoon. He wasn't ready to leave with me for the dentist. That boy was a hoot though at the dentist. Surprisingly, they were even able to get xrays on the boy.
  • Whitman wasn't the only one who got xrays today! Keaton needs a crown and a filling. She was not too excited when she heard the news, but she kept a brave face. Her little teeth will be fixed in a few weeks. And then Campbell. They did some big xrays on her. The teeth beside her upper front teeth are odd. One is normal but the one on the other side is smaller than normal. Not something that isn't fixable (pulling two teeth or am implant sound like the fix) So to the ortho we will soon be going for her-boo!  
  • Next up was dropping off our garage sale stuff at Danas. I am not too sure what happened but I have a ton of junk. Even with all of my stuff, I think that I will be lucky to make 75 bucks. I am so glad to get all of that out of my house. When I turned 40, I decided to try to throw out 40 bags of trash this year. When I count my garage sale boxes, I only have 14 more bags to go!
  • From there, Robby took the boys to eat and then home for the evening. The girls and I grabbed supper and then headed to look for some clothes. At our first stop, we saw a few different groups of people-one was a man wearing a dress.  Needless to say, when we made it back to the car, I made it clear that God designed women to be women and do things that women do and God designed men to do manly things. Gracious me!
  • Next stop was Walmart followed by getting gas and Kroger. The girls were a bit upset with me since I didn't go by Sonic on the way home. We had already eaten out, bought them clothes, and bought them shoes. I did promise a snack and drink when we made it home.
  • After we unloaded everything, the girls took their showers while Anderson and I glued his science fair project on his board. Hallelujah! We are done with those science fair projects! We just have to show their projects and give a brief talk on Tuesday. 
  • When the kids went to bed, Robby and I still had lots to do. We did finish most of it with a bit of time to sit down! I still have to pack along with the dishes and a few loads of laundry!  

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