April 6, 2018

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  • With the thunder rolling this morning, I could have stayed in my warm and cozy bed for a lot longer. Unfortunately, it was time to get this Dennie schoolhouse rolling. After I put on my clothes, grabbed the laundry and left my room, I found 4 kids in the school room and not a one of them were doing their schoolwork.
  • I woke up the sleeping girls, Keaton and Reagan, then I headed down the stairs. This happens pretty much every single day. Keaton will then come down the stairs, but Reagan will not show up until we have to call her at least 4 times. I think that she could sleep for at least another few hours, but unfortunately for her, it was school time.
  • We read a few books at breakfast and then started on our school work. Whitman has been obsessed with Minecraft lately so last night, Robby got it for him on his own ipad. So this morning, I made it very clear to him that he had to do his school work but I would let him play for 10 minutes after he did each thing. He would do a worksheet, set his timer and then do some more work. This took him about all morning long, but he finished his tasks, was fairly self-sufficient doing it and didn't distract anyone else.
  • Since it was raining today, there was no tether ball playing. After we had lunch, Graham and I did work some on his science fair project. He is in the 4th grade and does have a pretty great project. When I was in the 4th grade, I won the science fair at school (maybe not the whole thing but at least some of it) and even went to the next round. My report was on crystals. Anyway, his was about which cup keeps liquids cooler the longest. He did have some surprising results.
  • Before long, it was time for the girls and I to head to Hayley's birthday party. It was an American Girl doll party, and everything was so cute. The dolls had their own tables, dishes, party hats and tutus. Laynie was there too so my girls had someone that they knew. They had lots of fun.
  • Meanwhile, Robby had dropped off the boys at basketball, and then we met up at the grocery store. I let Keaton and Campbell bring their dolls into the grocery store (I never do that). They each pushed a cart, and we took our sweet time since we had to pick the boys up across the street at 8. We shopped until we had spent a 100 dollars since I needed to use a coupon of mine. Then it was time to grab the boys and head home.
  • At home, everyone was hungry since it was nearly 9 by the time we started eating. We heated up BBQ from last night and then the kids stayed up a bit longer than usual playing on their ipads. Once bedtime rolls around, it will be ice cream time for us!

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