April 26, 2018-Branson Adventure #2 (Day 2)

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When we laid down last night, I could hear the rain hitting the roof, and it was incredible wonderful. However, I also could hear these birds chirping. They were loud and consistent. I was even worried that those chirping birds might keep someone up.

Though in my room, Graham was snoring as soon as his head hit the pillow. The birds could have possibly kept Whitman up, who was quickly moved to our bedroom. Just a few hours later, he burst into our bed and spent the rest of the night in bed with us. 

I wasn't crowded at all last night and even wondered if this bed was bigger than ours at home. Robby, who must have been very crowded, was quick to remind me that it was much smaller than at home. Either way, Whitman and I slept incredibly well.

The tooth fairy did show up last night. There had been a bit of discussion since Campbell received 2 dollars when she lost a tooth in NYC. However, things are much more expensive there. Last night the tooth fairy did pay the normal 1 dollar rate for Keaton's tooth. 

I have been wanting to try Billy Gails for a very long time, and this was the morning. We knew we needed to be there early for parking and to avoid a long wait so we were up at 7. Well, Graham was up before 7! Man, I hope he sleeps in tomorrow because we don't have to leave until later.

We were in the parking lot at the restaurant a bit before 8. Though Robby quickly remembered that he left his cash and checks back at the motel. Thankfully, he did have a check so we didn't have to turn around.

Parking was simple there today, and we were seated immediately. Since we were expecting a long wait, we were very pleased. Robby ordered sausage and biscuits. We all split 2 orders of bacon and 3 chocolate chip pancakes. The pancakes were bigger than a Dennie head! We passed that play of pancakes around and everyone ate their full. The people behind us left about 3 whole pancakes on their table, but the Dennie table was licked completely cleaned. 

When kids leave Billy Gails, they can take a toy with them. Keaton grabbed the only good one since the rest were McDonald type toys. She found a teddy bear just like Whitman's two teddy bears that he carts everywhere. 

From there, we headed back to the motel so Robby could officially check in. While we were getting things ready for the rest of the day, the kids ran down to play on the playground for a little bit. Afterwards, we loaded up and drove the 5 minutes to Silver Dollar City.

In the parking lot, we were surprised at the number of cars, but when we parked, we were much closer than we have ever been before. We quickly entered the park and went right to the first ride!

Robby, Anderson, Graham and Reagan rode the Time Traveler first thing. They had to wait a bit for them to open the ride but soon they were flying through time. When they finished, we hoped on Thunderation, which is the roller coaster that Keaton cried on the entire ride last time. She was a brave trooper this time and though she was a bit scared, she left with a smile on her face.

We all rode Fire in the Hole and then Graham was brave today and rode Powder Keg with Anderson and Reagan twice. While they did that, Keaton, Campbell and Robby went back to Fire in the Hole.

Next stop was Wildfire. On the way there, I lost my ever loving mind and told Campbell that if she did the ride, I would go with her. What in the world was I thinking? She said yes and I said a few prayers and we were soon strapped into Wildfire. Now, as soon as the left the gate, Campbell started boohooing. 

She was sobbing! Now, since this was a big roller coaster, there was no way to comfort her. I was able to put my hand over hers while shouting, "close your eyes and scream and it will be over in a second." I would open my eyes occasionally during the ride but would quickly close them! She was super proud for riding her first upside down ride but bless, she sobbed the entire time! 

Our next stop was the fireman kiddie area. The kids rode a few rides there. I even made them all ride one ride. They have a little up and down ride here. In my kitchen, I have a picture of 5 of them riding a ride just like this one. So even though my kids long legs were dangling everywhere, they were all told to get on that little ride and look happy! Robby through in the promise of kettle corn and that certainly helped.

From there, we ate lunch. We had brought in our lunchables for lunch. Those with some cheese, crackers and the popcorn did the trick. Then, it was on to the other kiddie area. Having so few crowds today was exceptionally nice. We were able to do twice as much today before lunch as we were able to do on two days of our trip here in March.

It is nice that Whitman can ride most things. Though Whitman and Keaton could ride more things if Robby and I had a bit better stomachs. At one time today in the kiddie area, I had to say no more rides for me. I had rode on the pirate ships twice and then on the fast spinning elephants. My stomach had had enough.

While leaving the second kiddie area, we saw that the Time Traveler line was short, and since Campbell was willing we went on it. This time, I ended up on it again! Now Campbell hated the other roller coaster but this one she loved. She was squealing with delight as we slowly flipped over and over again. I was just closing my eyes and screaming! Actually, I can't scream on rides. I just open my mouth but no sound comes out!

Some folks from there went to ride the wet water ride while Keaton, Whitman and I rode the Mine Train. We met back up and then went to the Barn Swings. And goodness, if Campbell didn't get on that ride. She didn't like the pirate ships but loved that one. The Barn Swings is the ride that I thought I was going to die on when I rode it  I have no idea why Reagan and Campbell would love it.

Reagan loves all rides! Anderson can almost keep up with her but does get a bit dizzy with lots of spinning. Graham is still getting his ride-legs and will do things once but not usually more than that. We ended the day with a ride on the log ride and headed out of the park completely soaked. 

It had been a chilly little day. The sun would peek out for a few seconds and warm us up, but then it would hide back behind the clouds. The kids took of their jackets in the afternoon but I never took mine off even though I had on 4 layers.

Leaving the park, we happened to find ourselves at the cinnamon bread place. The first time we walked by the wait was 18 minutes for some cinnamon bread, but after watching some people on pogo sticks, we soon headed back. I bought us 2 loaves, and we devoured that bread in 10 seconds flat! It was delicious! 

From there, we headed to the Coleman store. As much as I love bags, Robby loves ice chests. He found him a new one to try out before our big road trip. The perfect ice chest has been elusive to us, but hopefully, this one will be the one. 

Then I ran into a Walmart to return a movie and pick up a caribiner to hold my cup on my back pack. We didn't want a big supper but did need something. Robby found a BBQ place and picked up some BBQ. Then I ran into a grocery store to pick up chips and buns. We ate in the parking lot and it was a perfect little picnic. The BBQ was good, and we even had bologna. It was pretty good, and something that I had never had before. (Well, I have had bologna, but not from a BBQ place.)

Next stop was Hurt's Donuts for a little snack. When we stopped there last time, we were stuffed, but tonight we were able to enjoy them. We even have a few leftover for tomorrow's breakfast. 

When we made it back to the hotel, we all checked out watches. For some reason when we are at home, Graham takes more steps than I do-even when we have done the exact same thing all day long. I have had to assume that he just takes smaller, so more, steps than me. Today, Robby's watch was pretty close to mine which confirms my theory.  We both had around 16K steps compared to Graham's 19K. Even though Graham's steps are always more than mine, our miles are usually fairly consistent (when we have done the same things!)  Today though, Robby and Graham walked about a mile more than me...I don't recall taking a break on a bench today while they were going anywhere. I am not quite sure I trust these watches!

The kids had showers tonight and then there was lots of ipad playing while waiting on bed. Campbell, my smart one, did crawl in a bed and go right to sleep. Robby and I did our computing and soon it was bedtime for all. Hopefully, the birds will have flown on to another nest tonight. And hopefully, Whitman will sleep hard...in his own spot!

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