April 4, 2018

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  • This morning there weren't too many people stirring. I waited until after my shower hoping that more people woke up. Anderson did get up during that time, and as went upstairs to put toothpaste on the toothbrushes, I met Campbell in the hallway.
  • My people weren't moving too quickly this morning which was a bit of a problem. I woke everyone up with only 30 minutes before we left and soon was hollering that we only had 10 minutes until the van would be leading. Well, 25 minutes later we were backing out of the driveway. That is actually fine though because it doesn't really matter when we seem to leave for Bible study, we always get there at about 8:58 which is actually still 17 minutes early.
  • Reagan was pleased to take her two cinnamon struessel pizzas for snack, and I was pretty pleased that she brought a whole one home. Now during the middle of lecture, I realized that I had left half of our lunches at home. I forget to grab all of the lunches out of the fridge. Urgh! 
  • Now last week, there was only one lunch in the fridge-Graham's-and I left it too. I knew this week he was going to start feeling like I had meant to leave his lunch since he still has a bit of  a chip on his shoulder from being misplaced on the cruise. I offered to Graham to pick up a pizza or to run into Kroger to buy something, but he declined saying that the bag of chips I had and a piece of Reagan's pizza was suffice until we made it home.
  • We ate at another church despite the cool weather. It wasn't too cold in the sun, and I even noticed that my neck was a bit red this afternoon. I better really make sure that we spray ourselves with sunscreen on soccer day Saturday, but I believe that it might just be so cool that there won't be much of my skin exposed to the sun.
  • After the park, we came home. Everyone helped me unload, and then we read our history and a few other books. Keaton and I worked on her science fair projects for pretty much the rest of the afternoon. The afternoons are super short on Wednesday, and soon I was pulling out leftovers from the fridge. I am sure that if you read the blog often, you will remember that we have been having leftovers for about 3 weeks now. I am not sure how it keeps happening but my leftovers just never seem to go away. It is like the lady in the Bible in her oil never ran out.
  • Speaking of the Bible, as I was walking out of the library tonight Anderson was holding his Bible in his lap laughing. He put it in my face and said that he wanted me to read a verse out loud. I obliged and read Exodus 20:26. The verse said that you shouldn't go up the steps to the alter because your private parts would be exposed. Anderson thought that meant that if you went up the steps, then God would show everybody your private parts. Graham thought that would mean they would get cut off. I explained that I thought it meant that if you waltzed up steps to the alter, everyone could see up your gown since everyone was wearing gowns back then. Whatever the meaning to that verse is, the boys sure did get a kick out of it.
  • On to church we went. It was still a bit too chilly for my preschoolers to play on the playground tonight so we did games inside. After church, I found everyone except Reagan, and it took a bit longer to find her. I think that her class was out earlier tonight so she had some free time to walk the halls with her buddies which was fine. 
  • Once at home, we changed into our pjs, had some cookies and then just had a bit of time before bed.

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