April 12, 2018

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  • Whitman was in his usual spot this morning when I walked down the hall; he was sitting on my desk watching Minecraft videos. That little guy is pretty obsessed. He did stop briefly to put on his school clothes and to pick out his breakfast. His breakfast of choice continues to be a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Since the toaster oven and bread were still out after Whitman headed to school, I decided to make cinnamon toast for breakfast. I had read how the Pioneer Woman makes her cinnamon toast so that is what we did. Now, I probably should have put mine under the broiler for a bit longer but I sure didn't want to burn the bread. We go from having lots of bread to no bread at all. Even after my 12 pieces of toast that I made this morning, we still do have a loaf left to eat.
  • Afterwards, we started on our school work. Everyone was going to leave with Robby today to pick up Whitman so they had to really get things done quickly. Of course, some of my kiddos did and others still have leftover work to do tomorrow. (No school tomorrow just a catch up morning since we are going to Conway to pack food at noon.)
  • At 11, the kids left and I ran around the house trying to finish a few things off of my list. Robby took the kids to pick up lunch which was much more than they expected. After lunch, they ran and got their weekly Dairy Queen Blizzard. 
  • Once at home, the girls finished going through their drawers so I have now switched over everyone to summer clothes. Though Reagan and Campbell are lacking on clothes so shopping is now in my future. Urgh! 
  • Anderson worked some on his science fair project while Whitman and I worked on his reading book today. It is going slow, but we are making progress. At least I hope that we are!
  • Around 4, the neighbors came over to play. So the kids played outside until it was time for Keaton, Campbell and Whitman to go to soccer practice. Robby took them tonight since I took everyone else to Refresh at church.
  • After soccer, Robby and his crew ate supper at Chuck E Cheese. This was what Whitman had waited for all day long. They all had fun and played enough games to earn a few pieces of candy! They had a great time.
  • My crew at Refresh also had lots of fun. They were able to go outside twice during, and then when I picked them up, they played outside in the gaga pit with their buddies for another half hour. They so want a gaga pit in the yard-maybe someday, and then when they are finished with it, I can use it as a raised garden.
  • Once at home, everyone had to have showers, and then they just had a few minutes before it was finally bedtime!

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