April 5, 2018

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  • Today was picture day at Whitman's school. I found him a button down shirt and khaki shorts to wear. Robby woke him up and unfortunately, when we looked at the boy's hair, it was a mess. Robby spent a long time trying to wet down Whitman's hair so it would look nice for pictures. I reminded Robby that we were sure going to a lot of work to get him ready for pictures that we know we will not buy. They will be cute pictures and all but we take pictures around here pretty much every single day.
  • The rest of us ate our breakfast around here and then started to work on school. Campbell has been my staller lately, but early this morning Robby told her that if she finished her work then she could go out to eat with him for lunch. That lit a fire under her, and she zoomed through her work. 
  • The kids are just all so different. Graham tries his hardest to be done quickly. Reagan usually will do some of her school the night before to get ahead. Campbell is so easily distracted and would chat all through school. Keaton's work is short, so she spends most of her time talking to Campbell. Anderson is in no hurry and is happy to work after lunch if  needs to.
  • Campbell did finish her work early today because she sat herself on one set of stairs, and Keaton was working on the other set of stairs. When I was in graduate school, I would always work on the steps too.
  • The rest of us finished our school work and then everyone ate started on their chores. By the end of the week, they seem to just barely do their chores. I probably get a bit lax on my chores by the end of the week too.  
  • Robby set up the tether ball yesterday and since then that is all my people can think about. The kids ran out there at least 15 times today to play-even Reagan. I played her at one point and almost walked away with a black eye. That girl is a bit vicious!
  • Keaton, Campbell and Whitman had soccer practice tonight. I took them after we ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I think that they enjoyed practice though Whitman and Keaton's coach was 15 minutes late and Campbell though her coach yelled at her. All was well though when we made it home since it was supper time.
  • Robby had made bbq, and I heated up some corn. After we ate, some folks had their showers, and then everyone had a snack. Reagan and Keaton had made a chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. Basically it was a gob of cookie dough covered in chocolate. They were delicious but oh so rich. After our dessert, it was bedtime for my crew

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