April 11, 2018

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  • First thing I remembered bout this morning was Graham getting his lunch out of the fridge. I told him that it wasn't even 8 yet, and we could keep it in the fridge for a bit longer. He looked at me, looked at the fridge and shook his head. He put his lunch in the ice chest even though I protested that everyone else's lunch was still in the fridge. I guess he didn't think that I would remember his lunch after my two week track record of forgetting his. Guess what though, I did remember his lunch and everyone else's. 
  • It did take us a while to load up this morning with all of our Bibles, books, Campbell's snacks and Graham's snack. Graham was pretty pleased with his chocolate covered oreos and even happily passed them out in the car on the way to the park and still had leftovers for us to eat during history this afternoon. I guess we tend to overbake. Campbell also brought home a whole cinnamon struesel pizza which we shared with our friends at the park. I would rather have too much than not enough.
  • After our lunch, we ran by Kroger where I did some speed shopping. Actually, Campbell, Keaton and I ran in to buy chocolate for Campbell's science fair project and muffin liners for Reagan's project. 
  • Once at home, we did our history, Anderson finished his hog Lego helmet, Whitman did some school and then the work in the kitchen began. Campbell's experiment is to see which type of chocolate, milk, dark or white, melts the quickest. So we melted chocolate on the stove and in the microwave. This led to lots of melted chocolate so we had lots of chocolate covered pretzels for snack tonight.
  • Reagan's also started on her project which is making cupcakes but each time she does, she is omitting an ingredient to see what happens. Today, she made a batch of cupcakes that followed the recipe. Keaton helped Reagan the entire time that they worked. After the regular cupcakes baked, she made a batch with no flour and no sugar. Needless to say, they were not really edible at all. The no flour cupcakes were like egg syrup and the no sugar cupcakes were like pizza dough. She still has 6 more batches to make. Eeek! Meanwhile, Anderson was upstairs working on his video game experiment. I do like being busy but goodness, I felt like I was running a race this afternoon.
  • Before I was ready, it was time to start making supper. I threw some popcorn chicken in the oven and mac and cheese on the stove. We ate quickly and then hopped to library. Then it was time for church. Campbell and Graham sang in the old folk service. I was able to see them sing.
  • Then the first through 6th graders had a night of worship. Since my preschoolers were on the playground, I was even able to go to that tonight. It was really good, and I left pretty proud of my kiddos. Campbell didn't feel too well (allergies, I hope) but she did the right thing and participated. Both my boys were sitting my guys that could have been very distracting, but they also did the right thing and paid attention. I am sure that Reagan was doing the right thing on the front row but I couldn't really see her well. 
  • So to reward my crew for all of this, I let them play on the playground for a while before heading home. Once at home, we a had a quick snack, and the kids stayed up for a bit watching a basketball game. Eventually, it was bedtime and tomorrow will be another busy day around here so everyone needed plenty of sleep.

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