April 15, 2018

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  • The boys were up first of course. I was pretty worried that the girls would never wake up this morning since they were still going strong last night at midnight. I went upstairs and the first thing Keaton told me was that she had lost her tooth last night. I was fully prepared to start looking for it, but she had it on the shelf. I asked her when she lost it while trying to prepare my answer on why the tooth fairy didn't pick it up. Thankfully, the tooth came out at 6:04. I asked her if she told anyone, and she answered that she woke Camryn up to tell her. I am sure that Camryn was thrilled with being woken up for the news.
  • Surprisingly, the girls did move quickly enough this morning. Graham went to town on finishing off yesterday's Amish oatmeal. I did get a few bites of the crumbs left in the pan after I was ready. Whitman barely got his breakfast since I am almost out of cheese for his morning grilled cheese sandwiches. I am not sure why cheese wasn't on my list while I was at the store yesterday, but that is usually how my list goes.
  • We made it to church on time this morning. Whitman did go off with Reagan and Camryn to put her bag up. Reagan then said that Whitman ran off from them headed toward us. We were already seeing Nonna and Pops. Reagan said that she saw Whitman leave but she did come and check to make sure that he found us which of course he didn't have any problem doing.
  • After church, the kids ran off to their Sunday school classes. Robby and I had nursery duty which was incredibly easy today. Afterwards, Robby picked up our kids, and we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch.
  • Everyone ate and played for a bit, then the kids headed off to Dana's house to give their new puppies some loving. After a bit, we picked them up, and headed home for our naps! Unfortunately, Robby and I are the only ones who value Sunday afternoon naps as we should. The kids were fairly quiet, and we only had to answer a few questions about texting the neighbors, having a snack, watching youtube and a few other things. We were still able to nap really well though.
  • Afterwards, we folded our weekend mound of laundry before cleaning out the fridge to find our supper. Everyone ate, and then the kids did some of their tomorrow's school work. Hopefully, that will make our load a bit lighter tomorrow.
  • Next up was watching a Bates and eating ice cream before bedtime. I am just hoping that the tooth fairy remembers to deliver Keaton her tooth fairy money tonight!

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