April 9, 2018

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  • Monday morning and the usual sleepers were still sound asleep-the girls. I did call them on the google, and Campbell did come down the stairs soon. A bit later was Keaton, and one more google intercom and one yell up the stairs finally brought her down the steps to join us at breakfast.
  • Whitman had already left for school with Robby this morning. He was excited because it was Nonna day, it was outside classroom day and because he had on his new Minecraft t-shirt. He was also thrilled that I made him grilled cheese for breakfast. I figure grilled cheese is just as good as anything else, and since it takes no time to make in the toaster oven, that is what he got.
  • Lately, I have become a bit obsessed with our library book total. I am back up to 60 or so books which is still down from our usual school year total of 90-100. I am trying to finish up our history library books along with all of our books about our trip. Also Keaton is reading an easy reader each day to me so I still have lots of books out. My goal is to have less than 10 out when we leave on our trip. I have a basket full of books to return right now, but I also have 25 more books on hold at the library. It is never ending cycle-which I love.
  • School went pretty well.  Reagan, Anderson and Campbell all worked a bit on their science fair projects. I do feel a bit bad for Reagan this week since she is slammed with lots of writing from her writing curriculum. We are really close to finishing so I am pushing her a bit so she will finish. Graham and Anderson use the same type of program (different levels). Graham is done with his, and Anderson has so much more to do that I just don't even think we will try to finish it.
  • I read quite a bit during lunch, and then we started on our chores. The kids did help me get some green beans ready for tomorrow's supper and peel the paint off of my never ending drawer project. (Those drawers did need lots of sanding and a coat of primer before the paint worked properly.)
  • Keaton and I did work on changing over her clothes. It took a bit longer than I would have liked since she had 5 bins to go through. She is in between two sizes so that is why she had the extra bins. We gathered so many shirts that could fit her that we had to narrow some of them down. Though there are still more than 100 shirts in her drawer.
  • We eventually kicked the kids out of house for a bit. They played outside until the big 3 headed for soccer practice. Robby said that they all did good. Reagan played so hard that she had to sit down-she said she was about to pass out. Graham and Anderson played hard as well, and they were all rewarded with Chick Fil A for supper and then doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts.
  • Meanwhile back here, my crew had frozen pizza and cookies. We barely cleaned up the kitchen and had finished showers when the others came back home. They then had their showers, and everyone had just a bit of time on their ipads before bed.

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