April 14, 2018

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  • Another Saturday morning waking up before 6:30 checking our phones to see if we were going to have soccer. I was seconds away from putting on my clothes and had already thought about which outfit I was going to grab from the floor of our closet and put on when Robby said that soccer was cancelled. 
  • I was a bit surprised, again this week, but I am sure that the fields were indeed very wet this morning. Before long, our afternoon birthday party was also cancelled due to the rain. So Robby and I took full advantage of one more Saturday morning and used it very wisely; though some would disagree. We went on back to sleep and stayed in bed until 10. It was wonderful.
  • The kids were up around 7, and a few did migrate into our room for a bit. They made their own breakfast and soon ended up outside. Now, the mud was just calling their names. Just imagine lost of barefoot children standing in the mud pile shoveling out water. It made for lots of fun for them but did make me a bit crazy since I spent most of that time running from door to door shouting, "don't come in my house like that."
  • During this time, Robby cut all of the boys' hair along with his own. Then after his shower, he went out to hose off the kids before they came in. After Robby hosed them off, I made sure that they were more thoroughly hosed off in the showers. 
  • Somewhere during this time, I started on a new recipe, Amish oatmeal. I didn't have milk so I had to stop in the middle. After Keaton's shower, she worked on a recipe. Right now she loves to look in Pinterest and find recipes to print out. So today she made one-it was easy and pretty good. 
  • After we finished, it was nearly 1. The kids grabbed lunch, and then we took Cash home. Before we dropped him off, we stopped by Tacos for Life to use some of our free cheese dip coupons from yesterday. Cash, Graham and Keaton gobbled down some cheese dip while Robby and I did the same in the front seat.
  • Before we made it home, we ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things-a few things from the grocery store! I say that but I never seem to just get a few things from the grocery store. Once at home, we threw the groceries in the house and then headed to the Raymar Food Truck Festival.
  • It was lots of fun though we had to wait a very long time for most of our food. I bought myself some tomato soup which was incredibly spicy. That was fine though on this chilly evening. I also bought mac and cheese and a grilled bologna and cheese. Robby waited for nearly an hour for a pork sandwich which was mediocre. I then bought two cannoli which I waited for over 30 minutes. They were pretty good (the cheesecake one was the best). On the way to the food truck thing, Anderson was discussing that he wanted to make cannollis so I gave him the rest of mine after Robby and I had eaten a few bites.
  • They were supposed to have inflatables there, but the wind prevented that. There was still plenty to do. Everyone but Whitman ran off to play and had a really good time. Whitman hung near Grannymom and Grandpa since Robby and I spent so much of our time in line.
  • Afterwards, we headed home along with Camryn. The Wilsons arrived at our house just as I had finished my Amish oatmeal and shoved it in the oven. Anderson used Brett as one of his science experiment subjects.
  • Then we turned on The Greatest Showman movie. All of us were gathered in the living room to watch it. Whitman just couldn't help himself and would break out in song during the movie. At one point, he just had to get up and dance. It is still a pretty good movie but this time I did miss a bit while passing out at least 6 bags of popcorn. 
  • After the movie, we, of course, needed some ice cream to wash that popcorn down. The kids had their ice cream before the girls showered. Then it was finally bedtime for my crew. It was a pretty great day.

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