April 28, 2018

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  • Saturday morning soccer began early today. Since we have played one game, I felt fine with hoping for rain this morning. Unfortunately, it was a beautiful day. The kids didn't take long to wake up and start putting on their jerseys.
  • They grabbed their breakfasts as Robby and I ran through the house grabbing last minute things. We then headed on to Raymar for the day. The weather was indeed nice for a soccer-a bit cool this morning and then warmed up perfectly this afternoon. I kept the sunscreen on everyone, and I don't think that anyone is red.
  • Keaton and Whitman played at the same time as Graham this morning. Keaton scored once today, but bless her poor team was trounced. They tried, and Whitman even ran after the ball but even with their 3 best players in, they were the underdogs.
  • I only saw Graham's team play 1 quarter. Robby was coaching down there so he did indeed have a parent watching him. The quarter I saw they did really well and the score was 1 to nothing. The other team came back though and ended up beating them by 2.
  • Next was Campbell's game. After the first 3 or 4 minutes, and Campbell had scored twice, Robby turned to me and asked, "did she play like this last time?" That girl runs like you can not imagine on the soccer field. Her score was about 8 to 0. 
  • Then Anderson's team played and gracious me, at one point Robby was worried that Anderson might need his asthma medicine since he was the only one on the field running. The only one on his team that is. I would love for Anderson's team to win at least one game but that probably is not going to happen this season. Out of all of the kids, he is the one that can get down about losing over and over again.
  • Finally, it was Reagan's team's turn. Reagan didn't hang back as much today, and was in the mix. She made quite a few shots but none did go in. Their score was tied but they did win in the last few minutes. Now, they played a not that great team today so the next few weeks may be tough. Reagan did get knocked down today, right in front of us, and when she hit the ground she even made an "umph" sound. The girl hopped right up and kept on playing. I do have some tough kids.
  • Anderson got hurt during the game today, but after shaking it off, he stayed on the field. And before Reagan's game, the kids were playing by the goal. Whitman put on the goalie gloves and before he knew it, he stopped the ball from entering the goal...he stopped the ball with his face! He covered his face for a few seconds and then kept playing. The girls from Reagan's team that had kicked the ball felt so bad, but he didn't seem to mind too much.
  • After the games, we headed to Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzards. Robby even bought some chicken strips for everyone to enjoy. Then it was home for showers for everyone while I worked on folding the first loads of laundry. 
  • I packed some and then we had our supper. Afterwards, everyone but Reagan and Anderson took a walk. We even walked on the sidewalk on Lawson for a bit before heading home. It was more laundry when we returned home. I thought it was all done but Robby just said that we almost had enough for another load tonight! The church is having screen free week next week, but we possibly should go for clothes free week to help out with my laundry!

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