January 16, 2019

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  • Wednesday morning and this was the first Wednesday in a while that we even had time to empty the trash cans before we left for Bible study. This was surprising since at 8:30ish I had to go upstairs and wake every single child up.
  • I drug Whitman downstairs where he hid under my covers until he finally put on his clothes and found his Wednesday poptart. Everyone else had already eaten their breakfast as I was pulling my bagel out of the toaster to get in the car.
  • My car was already started this morning when we went to leave because it has been difficult the last few days. Robby had already jumped it this morning, driven it around and left it running for us. Even though I had already had my "how to use the jumper thing" lesson for the day, I did never need it during all of our running around. 
  • Bible study was good today-we are now on our second book of the year. The girls were excited to go because Reagan had snack-chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and Campbell also had her snack-snickerdoodles which were actually are best ones yet. (I have been turning the oven up a little bit lately.)
  • We went to the park after Bible study. I was super glad that I had my big jacket since I was chilly. Some of the kids didn't even have their coats up but I guess that they were doing more moving around than me. 
  • After the park, we switched kid houses. It worked out in my favor because I ended up with all of my boys, Reagan, Alyssa and Kennedy. When we came home, the boys went to the xbox, the girls went to Reagan's room and Whitman played on his ipad. I did read to Whitman and bit and afterwards I sat down and wondered what else I should have been doing since it was so quiet in the house.
  • I did make supper for the crew-well, actually I just heated up a freezer meal. Then we headed off to church. I did run by the library first. I had so many books to take back to the library today that I had to take a laundry basket! 
  • Church flew by since I was doing games-preschool games is not the most relaxing Wednesday night assignment to have. It does make the time go by quickly though. Except for when it is time to go because the kids all want to play on the playground a little bit longer. 
  • When we did finally make it home, Robby had warm ooey gooey for us to eat. We all had a snack and then settled in to watch a tv show before bedtime. 

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