January 2, 2019

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  • I believe that most of the children in this house last night slept until almost 11. I am afraid that they will have a hard time waking up in the morning for school. Well, I actually will also have a hard time waking for school in the morning. I will say that I have enjoyed this Christmas through New Year's break more than I have any other year. Maybe it is because of all of this organizing that we have been doing.
  • Cash had spent the night with us and did leave with a black eye. Ooops! Good thing he is family. The child ran into the couch upstairs while the kids were playing hide and seek in the dark. They told me about it and I briefly wondered if he needed stitches last night when I first saw it. It was just a really ugly carpet burn on his eye. I did doctor him up last night but it was pretty red still this morning when he finally stirred.
  • Robby took Cash home and ran a few errands during lunch. I worked on the dishes, laundry and that one final closet that I have been trying to get to. The kids also did their chores-I do enjoy getting back into a routine even though I think we could get into some type of routine and still never do school again. The kids weren't too thrilled with all of their chores, but it is time that they get back to reality.
  • This afternoon, we did a bit more work on my closet, and then I did a lot of work on my history timeline. I am trying to get things a bit ready for tomorrow so it can possibly run smoothly. 
  • Tonight supper was a pork chops, potatoes and green beans. Yep, look at me getting on those New Year's resolutions. Supper was actually delicious. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough but we even had some leftovers, and Robby was able to cut our pork chops up and made it go twice as far. 
  • The kids all enjoyed the meal and even stuck around the kitchen to help clean up. After supper, it was kind of quiet around here. I did play two games with Keaton, Campbell and Graham. I couldn't get Reagan or Anderson to play with us-maybe I will have to start a mandatory game time. 
  • Bedtime was much earlier tonight than it has been in a few weeks-possibly even in a few months! It went fairly smoothly-though Whitman did have to go potty after he laid down and at least 13 other children up there have gone to the bathroom as well.

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