January 30, 2019

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  • Today, and most Wednesdays, my people are very motivated to get out of bed and get ready. People were coming through my bedroom dressed and ready or searching through my pile of clean laundry before I even rolled out of the bed. I wish I could be that motivated about Wednesdays.
  • We went to Bible study this morning. Graham was happy to bring ooey gooey for a snack. I will say that it was cooked perfectly and was delicious. After Bible study, we picked up our pizzas from Pizza Hut. It did take a little bit, but afterwards we ate at Grannymom's house. 
  • From there, we headed home because we had a few chores and lots of reading to do. Reagan, Anderson and Graham worked on their typing while I read. Just to give you an idea of their different levels of motivation: Reagan is on the advanced typing lessons (they only have to finish beginner), Graham is on intermediate and Anderson is still on beginner. He can do it (I think), but has no motivation to get it done. 
  • After reading, doing chores and straightening for a bit, I had no motivation (to continue along with our theme) to do anything else. So I laid down for a little bit. I did wait until the last possibly moment before waking up. 
  • I still was able to do some school work with Reagan and Anderson and feed everyone supper before we had to head to church. We arrived a bit early and were able to see all of the grands before Whitman and I headed off to check on my games for tonight.
  • I spent well over an hour shouting out instructions for a bunch of preschoolers playing with a parachute. I did get in my exercise for the day though! It was a fun evening and the time did go by quickly.
  • There was a meeting for the youth about their summer mission trips tonight after church. So we were there a bit later than usual. My boys played outside and probably have frost bite-I should have checked their extremities. My little 3 were wise enough to come in the building and play while they were waiting on the meeting to be over. I did make Reagan sit through the meeting with her buddies. 
  • After it was over, we scurried home. The kids put on their pjs while I had supper. They were able to stay up for a little bit before everyone was sent to bed. I am heading to my shower and then possibly am going to find me a super yummy midnight snack! 

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