January 17, 2019

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  • Another day of school around here. It was pretty dark this morning so I did struggle waking up my people. Whitman knew that he wanted pancakes this morning for breakfast. I had already told him that we didn't have any, but thankfully Keaton walked through about that time and quickly corrected me. She was indeed right, and Whitman was delighted.
  • After everyone grabbed their breakfast, we worked on our reading together before moving on to their individual work. Now, I have started having everyone help me fold some of the laundry before they start on their school work. They aren't crazy about it, and really they aren't too good at it either since they are in a hurry, but it sure helps me out quiet a bit.
  • I was able to read a few books to Whitman right at the end of school today. Everyone finished fairly quickly and Graham and Anderson's math is easy right now which helps everything go more smoothly. On the other hand, Reagan's math is not easy, and I don't think that it will ever be easy again!
  • I have a pretty good lunch menu for us to follow, and I have worked hard at following it after Christmas break. However, when we have leftovers I do feel that it what we should eat instead of sandwiches or any other thing on the list. So today, we had lots of leftovers-chicken spaghetti, cheese dip, spaghetti, quesadillas, hamburgers-It is like we will never be able to eat all of the leftovers in our fridge since they keep multiplying. 
  • Robby and I headed out after lunch to run to the grocery store. We also stopped at Chick Fil A, the post office (Anderson's nerf gun is messed up and they are replacing it), Chick Fil A (another one) and Dairy Queen. We were pretty speedy on all of our stops and yes, all of our fast food purchases were free and were supper for the kids.
  • We unloaded all of our groceries when we came home. Campbell and Keaton were outside-I tell you, the neighbors trampoline has been a big hit with my little girls. The bigs and Whitman ate and once Whitman realized that the girls were outside, he was quick to chow down his supper and head out to find the sisters. They stayed outside for a quite a long time.
  • Meanwhile, Anderson, Graham and I headed to basketball. I took them this time and walked on the track the entire time. I am not sure how long I did walk in that hour and half but I tell you I just kept going round and round so much I almost got dizzy. 
  • The boys seemed to have fun at practice and I was pleased to get my walk in. Once we made it home, they showered and everyone had some downtime before bed!

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