January 28, 2019

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  • I guess that my Anderson is turning more into a teenager because him and Reagan were the only ones sleeping this morning. It was just a few minutes after 8 when we gathered to do our morning reading. The kids ate their cereal as I read. Cereal is probably not the best thing to eat on carpet or at least cereal day should also be on vacuuming day.
  • For a Monday, school was fairly uneventful. I am not sure if Reagan is really getting her math right now, but as always with her she just takes a bit longer before she does finally get it. Just bout the time they are ready to move to another concept, what she is doing does eventually click.
  • I did finish with everyone a bit earlier today. I know that is because today's spelling with everyone is just teaching the concept and then writing words. The next two times we do spelling during the week, they have to write sentences that I dictate and that takes a while.
  • I finally made those grilled cheese sandwiches today that helped use up all of my extra bread. We may have to have grilled cheese sandwiches another time this week since I have another load of bread.
  • After lunch, the kids worked on their chores as I headed to the dentist. I am not sure that having someone clean your teeth should hurt like it does at my dentist. Seriously, I laid there trying to think how many more years I was going to live and multiplied that by 2 so I could start counting down how many more dentist visits I have. Maybe I should think about another dentist if I dread it so much. My dad would always say that he would rather have a vasectomy than go to the dentist and I feel that way too! (And yes, I know that I would not be a candidate for a vasectomy.)
  • I may bread but I sure didn't have milk. When I left for Bunko tonight, I had to leave right in the middle of making white bean chicken chili in the instant pot. I had laid out all of the ingredients for the final steps and thought everything would be easy.
  • That is until, I received a text from Robby saying that we were out of milk. The recipe called for two cups of milk so he couldn't skip it our use something else. Luckily for us, I was less than a mile away at Candice's house for bunko. I grabbed her milk jug and jumped in the car to deliver some milk. 
  • The kids said that the chili was definitely a winner. Three kiddos said that they liked it better than regular chili. But one child said that it the chicken tasted like "hair" to him (Anderson). Either way, Robby said that it was a winner, and we would make it again.
  • My bunko tonight was around the fire pit. We had chili and then made s'mores. And yes, it was well in the 30s while we were outside. We had blankets, hats, and gloves. Everyone stayed pretty warm until the last little bit and then we went inside for some hot chocolate. It was a fun evening.
  • Meanwhile, back at the house the kids cleaned up from supper and then made some brownies for dessert. I think that everyone enjoyed their evening and were all sound asleep once I made it home.

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