January 15, 2019

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  • Another day of me scrambling around trying to get up early enough for me to get school started on the right foot. Last year, and most every year before that, we had to get Whitman or someone to preschool so we were all up earlier. I would like to wake up earlier but I sure don't long for those days.
  • Whitman was zoned out for most of school and moved like a sloth. Since he was moving so slowly, I did make him do both sides of his math page today. He is having to write the numbers 1-20 four different times which takes him forever! He was finishing his work this afternoon sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor.
  • Everyone else finished their work at a decent time-even Anderson was done well before lunch. It is January, and we may have just gotten the hang of the school thing around here. Of course, I know that I now have jinxed things by saying that. 
  • We had our lunches today-a mix of leftovers and sandwiches. Reagan did cut up her leftover steak and bacon which was wrapped around it along with my leftover chicken and put them on a quesadilla for her lunch. Toaster, toaster oven, panini maker-there are tons of appliances happening here every day at lunch. What I really need is some type of pantry that I can leave all of these things plugged up in. I have been told to start playing the lottery if I want that to happen.
  • Once lunch was finished and cleaned up, we started on our chores. We didn't have too much today, so we worked for a little bit and then did our afternoon reading. There was a big fuss before we started this because everyone wanted to sit in the sun-like a bunch of cats. Gracious me. The sun does come wonderfully through my bedroom window in the winter time. It is usually pretty perfect but sometimes it can get too bright and too hot!
  • Campbell and Keaton found the neighbors out and the boys eventually found their set of neighbors out as well. Everyone played for a while except I had to take Keaton and Campbell to basketball practice.
  • While they were there, I ran to Kroger to do some speed shopping. I was able to grab what I needed but I didn't have any time to dilly dally since basketball was only 45 minutes and I had gotten a late start.
  • Back at home, Robby had hamburgers cooking when we made it in. The kids cycled through the showers as we got ready for supper. We also met the new neighbor-he has grand plans for right behind us. Joy. He does seem like a good ole boy so that is at least one good thing. 
  • After supper, the kids finished their showers and soon it was teeth brushing time. Reagan has a spot on her gums that is red and puffy says the orthodontist. So that is some added medicine to incorporate to our teeth brushing/water pick routine. Last night I did put a stool in the bathroom so I could just sit and inspect all teeth brushing happening in this house. 

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