January 22, 2019

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  • Back to school today but before we began I did make muffins for our breakfast. Well, actually Campbell and Keaton made muffins for our breakfast. They had asked last night if they could so I made sure to wake them up just a few minutes earlier than usual so they could help.
  • As the muffins were baking, we started on our reading. Once the timer went off, everyone grabbed their breakfast before we headed back to finish our reading. 
  • I have started having the kids fold the laundry for me before we start on school. I just ask everyone to fold about 5 pieces, and the laundry is soon finished. Now today everyone told me that they had finished folding their five pieces. However, when I counted everything that was folded, I only came up with 12 things folded. 
  • So of course I had everyone come back and fold a few more things. Usually there are a few things that still need to be folded so during spelling, I give a sentence to write and then run to fold a few pieces of laundry. Today though I did make them do it all since it wasn't done right the first time. So during spelling, all I had to do was give a sentence and then run to put up my clothe and Robby's clothes.
  • It was still 12:30 when I finally finished up. Graham and Reagan really like to work with my last so around 11:30, I usually have a line of people trying to work with me. There are those two who want to be last, there is usually Anderson and Keaton who need help with something, Campbell who has realized that it is almost lunch so she is scrambling and Whitman who needs almost constant prodding to get things done. All of that happens from 11 on which makes for a crazy end of the school day.
  • We had our lunch-I am still passing out leftovers. Robby always said that he had a bologna sandwich every day growing up so I am not too sure who ate all of the leftovers in their house. If I empty one thing of leftovers, then that night I put two more things in the fridge like tonight I added mashed potatoes and beans to the fridge.
  • This afternoon was spent doing our chores and even more school reading. This is the first year that I think that I have read so much to the kids-usually my voice is sore by the time I finish my afternoon reading. 
  • Then I headed up to the bonus room for some more Lego working. Anderson was able to finish one of his Star Wars planes. We also helped Campbell work on one of her old broken sets-some times finding the next lego piece is like finding a needle in a haystack.
  • I did some garage sale pricing while the girls tried to play outside but the rain hampered those plans. Then I did get on the treadmill for a little bit before the girls had to go their last basketball practice of the season.
  • While they were gone the rest of us ate our supper. We had just cleaned the kitchen and sent everyone to the showers when the girls came home from basketball. They sat in the kitchen and ate while I cleaned up the kitchen once again. 
  • We went the basketball girls to the showers and made the last few stragglers get in the shower before finishing the evening with what was leftover of a Dairy Queen cake. Then we did watch a Netflix show about tidying up your house. This house is pretty tidied up all except the school room and the kids' bedrooms. Maybe we should start on that tomorrow afternoon or maybe not.

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