January 19, 2019

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  • At 2 this morning, the crazy thunder woke us up. We had already been expecting to have Whitman join us in our bed since he was by himself. However, when the lightening started up at 2, we knew his footsteps would be the ones we heard coming down the hall. 
  • It was Campbell though. Even though she was sharing the bed with a friend sleeping over, Campbell was still a bit scared. I walked her back upstairs since I felt a bit sorry for her. Indeed the thunder was crazy loud and the lightening continued on and on. 
  • After I was sure that Campbell was calm, I headed back to bed myself and did go right to sleep even though the thunder continued. I again woke up though with Robby not in the bed. Gracious, he gets around.
  • This morning he had already taken the car to the shop since my battery has been a bit contrary. It took me a while to get all of my girls ready this morning. We did leave in plenty of time to pick Robby up and get Keaton to basketball on time. 
  • Thankfully, as I was driving to Walmart Robby told me that he was on the Sonic side of Walmart. Hmm, I thought where is the Sonic by the Walmart. There sure wasn't a Sonic near the Walmart that I was driving to. Luckily, I hadn't gone to far the wrong way and was soon headed in the right direction. 
  • Keaton's game was the first game today. She came to life and scored 7 points. Her game is quite entertaining to watch-the girls are fun but the crowd is even more fun with everyone screaming and hollering. 
  • After the game, Graham headed off with Grannymom to watch Cash's game while the rest of us went to pick up our car. That took a bit longer than expected, but we were still home around 11. I know that it wasn't lunch time, but everyone seemed to be starving so we all ate almost as soon as we came home. 
  • The afternoon then seemed to go by quickly. Robby did some electrical work (yes, I made him put on his tennis shoes just in case!) while I did some laundry (always doing laundry around here.)
  • Then it was back for game number 2 and 3. Campbell and Graham were playing at the same time and their courts were right next to each other. We were able to sit and watch both games which was nice. 
  • Campbell's team dominated the other team. I am not too sure if Campbell scored or not, but she did have a few rebounds and steals. Graham's team tied the ball game and in the last second, Graham was fouled as he was taking a shot. So after regulation he had two free throws. Bless, the baby missed both but I can't really blame him since everyone was watching. I so hated it for him but they tired, which is better than they had done all year. Maybe next week, which will be their last game, will be his week.
  • Anderson's group didn't have games today because of something going on at Immanuel. Since they didn't, we signed Anderson up for a research study. He had to test an app for asthma and nutrition. Bless, the child was so nervous at first. It think that his hand was actually shaking as he was signing his name. He eventually calmed down and even made a joke at the end as he was talking to the ladies. It only took us about 30 minutes and he did come away with a 50 dollar gift card to Walmart. 
  • We headed back home and by this time the beautiful snow had stopped. I was pretty bummed that the day is snowed and snowed a lot, none of it lasted for any length of time. Grannymom and Grandpa had just finished double checking Robby's electrical work when we arrived home. 
  • Between the kids' showers, we had supper tonight. We tried an insta pot meal. The pasta was good, but we weren't too pleased with the chicken. It was too much chicken for me and not grilled like Robby likes it. Either way, overall the dish was a winner. When most of the kids get seconds, then something will be cooked again in this house.
  • There was more laundry tonight along with some straightening. We had plans to make biscuits but after going to the store each day for the past three days, I still didn't have an ingredient (self rising flour). Oh, well, we will probably make them tomorrow. 
  • We did watch a tv show all together. While we were watching, Reagan spent most of her time working on a logo for her East. She told me the other day that she thinks she wants to be a graphic designer which I think is a pretty great choice. 
  • Once the show was over, it was time for bed! Hopefully, we will sleep a bit better tonight since there shouldn't be any thunder. Though I would sleep a lot better if we had a foot of snow outside! Maybe another day.

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