January 23, 2019

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  • We barely managed to fold the clothes, unload the dishwasher and empty the trash cans this morning. I had called everyone about 5 minutes before it was time and gave out the last few tasks. Reagan never heard or so she said. Needless to say, when she came downstairs I was very frustrated about having one less helper in our scramble.
  • No one had snack today at Bible study so that was one less thing for us to remember this morning. After Bible study, we headed home to eat our lunch-too cold for a park and too many others were going to Rock Creek.
  • The Heltz ran to see their great grandma before coming over to our house to eat lunch. The kids played for a little bit before their friends headed home. That meant it was time for us to do a bit of reading around here. We are currently reading about snakes in science along with William the Orange (also known as William the Silent). I seriously have read about so many new things this past year. 
  • After we read, I did let the kids do whatever they would like-well, the big 3 worked on their East. Anderson did some typing (very little) while Graham tried to work on his logo, but Reagan needed the computer to send something but had trouble after trouble taking her all afternoon.
  • Their East has been so beneficial. Reagan and Graham are coming along so well with their typing, and Anderson is getting there. 
  • Campbell worked on her legos some, and then she and Keaton managed to find the neighbors and play outside for a tiny bit before it was time to head back to church. Reagan heard that the church was having chicken fried steak, and she really wanted to eat there.
  • On the way we stopped at the library. In the car today, we have been listening to an audio book about a kid that invests in the stock market and makes a ton of money. The kid is 12 in the book and makes over 50,000 dollars. Since the kids just bought stock on Monday, they were all so interesting in this cd and were probably all praying that the same thing would happen to them. 
  • At church tonight, I made sure to cut most people's meat in half because I knew they wouldn't finish it. I also grabbed their biscuits off of their plates so I came home with quite a bit of leftovers from tonight's supper.
  • It was hat night tonight for Whitman, Campbell and Keaton. I was running so late that Keaton was already standing at the front desk when I ran through to pick her up. My last group of kids stayed a bit later than normal so I was scrambling. Reagan though loved it and enjoyed getting to play a bit longer outside before I made everyone leave.

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