January 4, 2019

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  • Even though we had said that we would do better this morning about waking up, we most certainly did not. It was 8:15 when I looked at the clock. Of course, I did a bunch of groaning as I jumped out of bed. 
  • My first stop was to turn on the oven. Then I put my clothes on and made muffins which baked while I worked on waking everyone else up. Whitman and Graham were the only ones awake this morning. 
  • Once the muffins were finished, we started on our school together work. We are just doing a fraction of it so they were still working on their individual work on plenty of time. School went fine again today and by noon-ish we were all eating lunch.
  • This afternoon everyone did their chores, and then I played Candyland with Whitman and Keaton. He had told Robby the other day that it was his favorite game. Now, after today when he came in dead last I am not so sure if it will still be his favorite game!
  • I took Reagan, Anderson and Graham to their East library class this afternoon. I found a sunny spot in the library and worked on my Sunday school and read. It was pretty perfect to just relax for a little bit...if only I could have taken a nap.
  • I did bring in my water. I know their are signs saying not to, but joked with Sara as we walked in. She told me to just keep it in my bag which I did. About halfway through my library lounging, I looked down at my bag and noticed that the entire bottom was wet. Yep, my water had spilled. Thankfully, my bag was empty at the time so all was well, but I guess I know why the library has a no food or drink sign!
  • Keaton, Campbell, and Whitman went to Grannymom's house tonight and even spent the night. Robby and I were going out with the Wilsons so they needed somewhere to stay. Whitman was so excited that he set his timer for when Robby was going to take them. They had all even packed multiple bags for the night! No tell what all they brought.
  • After East, the Wilson and us went to eat at The Silo. It was not a great birthday meal at all. Every single thing that we ordered was wrong or mixed up. They were out of rolls, the appetizer was tiny and took forever, my food was on Shannon's plate, we didn't get the bread we ordered, Tony's got chicken instead of chicken fried steak, the baked potatoes came well after our meal, refills were non existent, the ranch took forever and our ice cream came after our dessert. 
  • Now even though we won't be going back anytime soon at all, if ever to eat a meal there, their fried pies were pretty darn good. I might be willing to go back there again just for dessert but that would definitely be it. 
  • We still had a good time though and ended the evening with a walk around Kroger and Walmart. Kind of sad that eating at an old person restaurant and walking around Walmart is an exciting birthday evening! Ha!
  • Shannon had made cookies so we munched on them when we came back to our house. Once they left, it was time for bed for the crew and time for bed for us!

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