January 13, 2019

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  • Sunday morning and there were a few tears. Campbell was upset with me because I made her change shirts and Whitman was also upset with me because I told him that we were going to big church. Everyone recovered though and had time to grab a bite of breakfast before we leaving.
  • Church was uneventful. We didn't have to teach this morning so that was a bit of a welcomed break. After church we headed to Nonna's house to eat lunch. She had chili and tortilla soup, and they were both perfect on such a cold day.
  • After eating, we walked through my grandmother's house next door. Pops is redoing the inside and man, does it ever look different. It is just amazing what can be done to a house. My mind just doesn't work like that to imagine what all can be done. 
  • Afterwards, we came home for a very short nap. Reagan headed off to go bowling with the youth. They loaded the buses for the bowling alley, arrived there to discover that they had given their lanes away. The group headed back to church to play some games there, and I do believe that they had an awesome time. Reagan said that they had even more fun than bowling so I guess that it was a win.
  • Back at home, we pulled out a few things from the freezer and a few leftovers to make supper for everyone else. The boys spent most of the evening playing Anderson's new game from yesterday. While Whitman was playing his ipad tonight, he told me that he loved the show he was watching because it gave you "a new perspective." That's probably not a normal 5 year old word. 

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