January 24, 2019

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  • School this morning was without too many events. It took a while to finish up everything today-it was nearly 12:45 when we did finish. That was fine though because that meant that we were finished before lunch. 
  • Don't be surprised, but we had leftovers for lunch. Well, some folks did. The leftover chicken fried steak from church was sure a hit. Even though I thought that I was tired of biscuits, I had one for lunch today. Robby even bought more flour today at the store so we could finish off our buttermilk and make a few more. The bag of flour does have a yummy looking coffee cake recipe on the back of it so that is on my list. 
  • After lunch, we did again, don't be surprised-chores followed by some school reading. There was also more Lego building. I have decided that for Campbell, it just works better if I pull out her next few Lego's before she starts. Now with Anderson it works better if I work with him to find the pieces since he is able to spot them and knows exactly where he has put any of them if they aren't in the correct box. His mind is pretty crazy like that.
  • I had meant to work with Keaton on her lip gloss kit from Christmas, but instead she was watching an episode of the Tidying Up show.  So of course I just watched with her-there are only a few episodes of that show on Netflix. However, I wish there were a few hundred more so maybe my kids will start tidying up-especially Campbell and Keaton.
  • I made a bit of soup (from a bag)-potato and tortilla. The kids all chose potato, but the tortilla was actually much better. Robby finished up the tortilla when he made it home. I left with Anderson and Graham for their basketball practice. This was Graham's last practice, and his team looked like they had a really good time.
  • During practice, I walked and walked around the track. Once we made it home, I made some cookies to counteract all of that walking! The boys had their showers before we all settled in to watch a Bates. 
  • Afterwards, it was time for bed for my crew. We did let Graham set an alarm for 7 tomorrow. He begs to do this every single day even though he often sleeps through his alarm that he sets for 7:30. Ha. He does however like to get up early and finish his school work as early as possible. We will see what happens in the morning

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