January 3, 2019

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  • Since we were starting school at 8 today, I had planned to wake up at 7:15. Ha! That didn't work exactly like I had planned. I did jump up at 8, and no one else in this house was awake. Seriously, they were all trying avoid doing school or that Nyquil worked really well last night.
  • I had 4 kids chugging Nyquil tonight-Campbell and Graham who are still coughing but do seem to be improved. Also Anderson who says that he feels just fine, but when I heard him cough he sounded so wheezy and croupy and asthma-y! And Keaton who has Campbell's cough. No one feels bad or has any fever so hopefully the coughs will ease up soon.
  • Once I was able to rouse everyone from bed, they grabbed their breakfasts and ate while I read. We just did a little bit of our working together so the kids were able to start to school sooner. That worked out well for them.
  • I didn't give any one much school today-or at least they though so. They still had math, writing, phonics (littles), science (Reagan), and grammar. So really they did all they need to do today. It was a nice start back to school.
  • Reagan left with Robby for lunch. They ate a burger and ran by Grannymom and Grandpa's house. Meanwhile, Nonna and Pops ran over here fora few minutes. The kids enjoyed showing them Anderson's race car track. He had received it last year for Christmas, but it has just now consumed everyone this last week or so.           
  • After they left, Robby and Reagan were home soon. The kids had already finished their chores so I did a few of mine around the house. I did organize one more closet-it wasn't too bad though and I barely threw anything away.
  • This afternoon was fairly quiet. I think that I might have had one last Christmas break nap. We did have at least 2 different deliveries today and even had 3 yesterday. You would think that it is Christmas or something!
  • We had some leftovers tonight for supper. We did change things up a little bit and even made quesadillas as part of our supper. After supper, we cleaned the kitchen while the kids took their showers and their medicine.
  • Graham did make a box of cookies for everyone to eat for dessert while we were watching our tv show tonight. Then it was bedtime for my cough-y crew.

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