January 14, 2019

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  • Robby didn't feel all that great last night (he is getting the Keaton's cold) so he went to bed pretty early. I stayed up for a while playing on my phone, but eventually went to bed early as well. I was pretty surprised when my watch said that I had slept for almost 9 hours last night. I don't know when that has happened lately.
  • Of course me sleeping for 9 hours meant that I was still scrambling when it was time to wake up this morning. We were able to get started on school by 8:15. I did have at least 2 breakfast hold outs-kids who didn't eat anything because they didn't like the breakfast options. It is a long time from breakfast until lunch in this house so I am sure that they were pretty hungry when lunch did roll around.
  • School was fairly uneventful today. Monday's usually do go just a tad bit quicker which is much needed. Reagan had an orthodontist appointment around lunch so Robby was able to take her. She finished her school work earlier than usual which allowed me to work with Whitman a bit longer. After he finished his work, I read to him some and he read to me some. 
  • Before Robby and Reagan made it back, the rest of us ate our lunch and then went to work. Today's massive project was the lego nook. We took everything out of it and worked on straightening it all up. It took probably an hour to accomplish it all, but it is nice to have that area all clean. However, since it is all clean now, Anderson has been up there quite a bit so it may not be that clean anymore.
  • This afternoon was fairly quiet. The lot behind us had indeed sold so we watched people come and talk about their septic tank. Tonight at supper Keaton said that having to move her swing to a new tree was her low. Thankfully, we have plenty of other trees and plenty of other yard for kickball when that time does soon come.
  • Campbell and Keaton went outside for a little bit right before supper. Graham also shot some hoops outside. He also managed to snag a game of Battleship with Robby right before supper. I do believe that Robby smoked Graham at the game.
  • I made spaghetti for supper. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, but for some reason I did have a lot of meatball leftover. Now I just have to remember to have everyone eat all of our leftovers. All of my outsiders had showers before we settled in for the evening.
  • Robby made some cookies which we ate while playing a few rounds of Catch Phrase. Some of the kids are good at it and some of the kids are not so good at it! Either way though it is pretty entertaining.
  • Everyone but Whitman did join us in the living room to watch a Bates tv show. I think that the Bates is one of the kids favorite tv shows. After the show, the kids had a few more minutes of downtime before it was finally bedtime.

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