January 11, 2019

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  • Friday is one of my favorite days of the week. If you are wondering, I would say that Thursdays are my favorite. I know that is kind of off now since Thursdays are no different than any other day around here. For many, many years is was the fun start to our weekend with the Thursday night crew gathering at our house. 
  • But back to Fridays and specifically today. It was a lovely day with clouds and a bit of rain. It would have actually been absolutely lovely for a nap which I did have a very, very brief one. I should have been doing other things, but how could you pass up a cloudy and rainy day.
  • After our long Christmas break, this was our last day of our first full week back to school. It was kind of nice to get 4 days in since we really haven't in a while. Also, 4 days of school means no spelling on Fridays which means a bit of extra time for me.
  • I was able to manage school this morning while still being able to organizing some of my pictures in my new picture box. This makes the 3rd picture box that I have. I do still have about 200 pictures that don't have a date on them to file away, but I am getting there. When I get any type of picture right now, I always write the date on the back-I guess I always didn't do that. And if the picture only has one kid, then I write who it is on there. I don't think that I will forget my kids names but they do all look so alike.
  • Speaking of forgetting-tonight, as the kids were all in the kitchen, I walked to my bedroom and hollered, "Whitman, come eat your pizza." Robby hollered back at me, "he is in here." Yep, I had just walked by the boy who was sitting eating his pizza.
  • Back to today, after lunch the kids worked on some chores-washing sheets, cleaning desks and putting up Christmas presents. Now I am the only one with Christmas presents left sitting out, but it was just my birthday so I will give myself a pass. I don't have too many out though.
  • Despite the rain, Campbell and Keaton managed to play outside for a little bit this afternoon before having to come inside when the rain really started.
  • Robby and I ate out with the Wilsons while the big boys were at basketball practice. The girls and Whitman stayed here. They had cheese sticks when we were gone and then text to ask about making popcorn. I am not sure how many bags that made because when we came home, there were huge bowls everywhere!
  • The other day we had popcorn and Whitman got a piece of it stuck in his teeth. On the way to church, he was telling us about it. One of the boys suggested that he brush his teeth when we got home. He was quick to look at Robby and me and ask, "Who is going home. I want to brush my teeth." Of course, silly me, I forgot to ask if he ever got it out of his teeth. 
  • The boys had fun at practice and everyone had fun tonight when we pulled out the last Dairy Queen cake for our dessert. It was a pretty fun Friday.
  • Speaking of fun Fridays. Earlier this week, Keaton and I were doing some of her school work. We were talking about the days of the week, and the page said to ask what are things we do on each day of the week. Sunday? We go to church...Tuesday? We go to basketball. Wednesday? We go to Bible study. When I got to Friday, I asked Keaton what we do on Fridays. Her answer was simple, "We drink!"

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