January 26, 2019

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  • The day started out with Keaton's final basketball game. Her little team smoked the other team. Bless the score was 30 something to 8. Now, Keaton does have a little super star on her team, but Keaton scored 10 points today. Her game is always fun to watch. Her sweet Bible study teacher even came to see the girls play.
  • From there, Campbell went home with Grannymom, and we brought Reagan home since she had spend the night with Nonna. The afternoon was spent folding laundry and working Legos. I might have been slightly more dedicated to the Lego task today than Anderson. He would ask me occasionally if we could be done, but I would just urge him to do another page. 
  • Before too long, it was time to head for the final ball games for Graham and Campbell. Campbell was playing on court 1 while Graham was playing on court 2. I am sure that the people near us were awfully confused because we were yelling and screaming at all different times.
  • Campbell's team struggled today. They stayed close, and Campbell did score a basket. However, they lost. We did try to watch her game, but it was like the NCAA Championship was happening on Graham's court.
  • If you remember, his team hasn't won a game so we were all pretty anxious. Like Robby was standing up most of the game, and I might have even hollered at somebody else's kids, "Number 2, keep your hands up." It was a fun game and probably Graham's best. His team won the game by one point. They cheered and jumped like they had indeed won a championship game.
  • Today was trophy day for everyone's group except for Anderson's group because he still has some more games to play. Now, I think that trophies are very nice, but it takes forever. Pops, Jason and I went to see Graham and Campbell receive their trophies. They left when Campbell and Graham had their trophies but I did feel like I should stay so they could at least see me in there. However, when Robby text saying that Anderson's game was starting the second half, I did just leave! Unfortunately, Campbell didn't really believe me when I told her that I did indeed see her receive her trophy.
  • Now, Anderson's team is always intense. He didn't score today but did have his hands on the ball a few times. The only reason his team won was because one player kept sinking threes. The game was a bit vicious a few times and my baby was even thrown on the floor, but he did bounce right up. 
  • After the game, we headed to Shotgun Dan's for a bite to eat. Robby and I went their the last time about 15 years ago. The meat on our pizza wasn't cooked, and it took us this long to want to try it again. It will be another 15 years though before we go back. We ordered two cheese pizzas but only received one. Their service was mediocre as well. Now, their pizza was full of sausage. I thought that Robby would have liked it, but he even said that it was too much sausage. The sausage that I took off of my pizza we even brought home because Robby decided that it sure would be good in a breakfast burrito. 
  • Back at home, we started on showers for the evening. Then Reagan headed to Alyssa's birthday party, and Charlotte came home with us. I fixed a bit of quesadilla's for Keaton, who didn't eat any pizza, and for Charlotte.
  • Then I put the girls to work making cookies. I did feel a bit bad because I had premeasured all of my ingredients so they really didn't have too much to do! They still enjoyed it and suited up with aprons for their cooking adventure.
  • We did make some pretty decent chocolate chip cookies, but Graham did turn his nose up at them and told me that they were not as good as Ms. Shannon's cookies. I promptly told him to get out of my kitchen.
  • The girls played for a bit, watched some of a movie and made bracelets but around 9:30, it was time for everyone to head to bed. They were tired, but we were too. 

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