January 5, 2019

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  • So we could have had a relaxing Saturday and well, we probably should have, but that sure wouldn't be any fun! 
  • Robby and I left this morning and ran to At Home (looking for a sale on Christmas trees) and Sams (picking up Veggie Straws), before going to Grannymom's house. There we picked up Campbell, Keaton and Whitman.
  • Whitman was a little toot as we were picking him up, and hopefully all of that was because he was exhausted and slept for a very long time afterwards. Campbell and Keaton, however, were not tired at all and talked the entire way to Bryant.
  • On that side of town, we picked up a video game from Walmart which we promptly returned since they took forever to get it to us. Our plan had been to go to Dairy Queen for our first free burgers of the year but had left the coupons at home.
  • So we headed home to pick up the coupons and drop off the girls. The neighbors were out playing so they were happy to stay home. We also left Whitman, who was snoozing in the car, while we unloaded. Then we headed out again to get those Dairy Queen burgers.
  • Once there, we had to wake up Whitman, who was not in a perfect mood. We had our burgers while we only had fries. Then Robby did buy him an ice cream while I filled out the survey for a free Dilly Bar.
  • Afterwards, we ran down the road for a free car wash. They were handing out chips, hot dogs, water, cupcakes, popcorn, and more Dairy Queen Dilly Bars there. We only got a Dilly Bar for Whitman and Robby since I had just eaten one, and Whitman did take him a bag of chips for the car.
  • Back at home, we played around for a bit, but then we loaded up again with Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to take my car to the car wash. Of course, this time we made the car wash our supper and everyone enjoyed their Dilly Bar as a dessert. We did take Reagan and Anderson one back home. 
  • By the time we made it home this time, it was dark outside so there was no more playing outside. Most of the kids had been out during the day at some point. We had everyone start on their showers and a bit of picking up.
  • Robby and I began work on a few batches of cinnamon rolls. Our first batch the dough didn't rise-we think we had the milk too hot. After seeing that not rise, we made a second batch and called Shannon to come over and play. We decided that we certainly needed one more batch as well, so we started on another one as well.
  • It took forever to roll out the first (non rising) batch and the second (good) batch. We finally finished after 10:30 with those. Shannon headed home, and we put everyone in bed before putting the third batch in the fridge and baking the second batch. We will have plenty of cinnamon rolls for my birthday tomorrow!

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