January 6, 2019-Happy Birthday Tara!

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  • We began the morning celebrating my birthday with cinnamon rolls that were still fresh from our late night baking party last night. We put my candles on them-just 4 and then 1 since 42 seemed like overkill. 
  • The kids sang to me, and we all enjoyed the cinnamon rolls. Our cinnamon rolls were pretty good, but they will soon be even better because Robby gave me a cinnamon roll baking class at Pulaski Tech next month. Ya'll can start saving up your money so you can buy your cinnamon rolls from me.
  • He also gave me a basket (which I had picked out and bought myself, shhh!) along with the game Catch Phrase. We all enjoyed playing it at Shannon's house the other day so everyone was excited about that.
  • Soon we were headed to church in two different cars. After church, Robby ran home to pick up the ice cream cakes for Campbell's bonus birthday party at Third Realm. The rest of us did Sunday school and then met him, Whitman and Anderson, who had also had their hair cut, back at Grannymom's house.
  • We celebrated my birthday some more there with a yummy lunch and apple enchiladas for dessert. Afterwards, I opened my presents-a letter board, a colander pot (I don't know what the real name is), a photo box and a gift card. I was super pleased with my presents and had a little time to play with my letter board before we headed out.
  • Since this was just a bonus birthday party, we only invited 3 families, but that was 18 kids plus Lilly and Cash. The kids absolutely loved Third Realm. This was Keaton and Whitman's first time to go there, mine and Robby's as well, and they had a blast. Keaton wasn't afraid to do anything, and Whitman did most things. 
  • When an hour was up, Anderson's face was sure red and sweaty. I think that he was glad that the hour was indeed up. We gathered in the party room and had cake and pizza. We sang to Campbell one more time, and she of course ate all of the attention up. 
  • Now, since all of these people had already done birthday presents for Campbell and this was just a bonus, Campbell was super excited to leave with a Third Realm shirt. It was a pretty fun afternoon, and honestly, I didn't mind sharing my birthday celebration with the Campbell and all of our friends.
  • After we left the jumpy place, we went to the Heltz house to jump on their trampoline. It was all a ploy because they needed help moving their trampoline before we jumped. We were able to help and moved that thing in no time flat. 
  • The kids loved jumping for a bit-well, a long while. We then ran back home for a long enough for a few of the kiddos to start on their showers. Then we ended up at Pei Wei for my birthday celebration. 
  • The kids enjoyed their chow mien noodles and edamame. The boys ate quite a bit of my chicken. Reagan wanted to order the lettuce wraps that we have made at home. We didn't but will now have to make them again. Everyone did eat their weight in fortune cookies.
  • We ended my birthday celebration at the Wilson's house for ice cream. Shannon had a ton of choices for everyone and even ice cream sandwiches for Whitman. I am not sure why they didn't get a candle for me to blow out though, but the ice cream was still scrumptious.
  • We did get home at a decent time and didn't decide to start on any baking projects tonight. Instead, Anderson and Whitman showered while everyone else headed on to bed. This took a while to get everyone in bed. My kids have become a bit chatty at night and really, I kind of like it. 
  • Once everyone was in bed, I had planned on drinking me some apple cider to end my birthday celebration, but I am too tired to do that so maybe tomorrow night. I will still be celebrating then as well.    

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