January 10, 2019

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  • Graham and Campbell were hard at work on their school work this morning even before I made it out of bed. When I did see Campbell, she already had math questions. I am not a super big fan of talking until after I have had a few minutes to at least brush my teeth and put on my day clothes. I can't really say that I get dressed in the mornings because really all I do is put on different warmer pajamas for the day.
  • Anyway, we had breakfast. We are not down to less than one pan of cinnamon rolls. I am greatly relieved because it has been difficult making any headway on this New Year's resolution business while eating multiple cinnamon rolls. I did watch Pioneer Woman make cinnamon roll cookies today-hmm, maybe we will have to do that next week.
  • We did our school work this morning. I wish I could explain all that happens during the day here. It is just madness! I have thought about taking pictures every 15 minutes just to document our day. There are books and papers and children everywhere. I sit in my bedroom floor from 8-12 every day. My goal is to try to have the bed made, dishes emptied and laundry folded by noon, but other than that I am reading to everyone, working with someone, or checking something the entire morning long. 
  • When school was over today, Anderson was vacuuming and my floor was picked up and then clean. I realized that maybe I get overwhelmed sometime because of the sheer amount of stuff that is in my room during school. Laundry spread out everywhere. Books piled up in many different piles and papers, oh the papers!
  • After school was done, everyone made their lunches. They all ate then Robby, Keaton, Campbell and I loaded up to go to At Home. Their Christmas was on 75 percent off plus I had a 25 percent off coupon which amounted to a decent deal. We did but 2 more Christmas trees! He, he!
  • Then we came back home and the girls were quick to go outside to play with the neighbor and his trampoline. I worked with Whitman for a while this afternoon. We sat in our comfy chair all snuggled up and soon one of us was asleep. I won't tell you who though.
  • Whitman, Keaton, Campbell and I headed to Refresh tonight at church. It was fun, and the kids had a great time. Robby was with the big boys who had basketball practice tonight. They ran by Dairy Queen on the way home to pick up their weekly hamburgers. 
  • The kids had a bit of down time this evening before it was finally bedtime. I shouldn't be surprised that everyone is tired in the mornings because our bedtimes keep creeping later and later!

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