January 25, 2019

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  • Graham did wake up this morning when his alarm went off because when I walked by the school room after I woke up, he was sitting at his desk with a pile of completed papers on the floor. He does take getting his school done seriously which I love.
  • Now Anderson and Campbell were also awake this morning. They were on their ipads "working on" their math program that they do on the computer every day. And no, I don't believe for one second that they were really doing their math. I would bet the house that they were playing some game. If I don't stay on my people, things will quickly stop getting done-I certainly hope that all kids are like this and it is not just mine.
  • I did lots of reading this morning and was afraid that I had messed up the kids by reading a bit longer than usual. However, most everyone was still finished by lunch time. At one point, Whitman was so excited because he only had 4 pieces of paper left. Anderson couldn't believe that Whitman was almost finished at 10. I did have to break the news to him that it would still take Whitman 2 more hours to finish those 4 papers. Indeed it did. A few minutes later, I had to go looking for him and found him looking at his picture book curled up in a chair.
  • I do think that Whitman could probably finish his school quicker. However, I just can't keep up with him. He wanders off and then I forget to go and find him or I am too busy with someone else to go and look for him. It would help if his brothers and sisters would direct him back to his school work and not decide to play chase or hide n seek with him.
  • We had our lunch today, and we have been eating so many leftovers recently that we will have to eat grilled cheese sandwiches tomorrow or I will have lots of bread go to waste. That we can most definitely do though-if we remember.
  • Reagan packed her bags after lunch and wrapped a gift for a friend's birthday present. I was able to work on some Legos with Anderson and Campbell. Then Nonna and Pops came to collect Reagan for the evening. They ended up going out to eat Italian food for tonight's supper.
  • Campbell, Keaton and I played a game for a few minutes. Then Shannon came over to pick them up. They headed over to her house to help Shannon make a few new recipes. We showed up at their house after dropping the boys off at basketball. Campbell and Keaton were pretty excited about their strawberry cheesecake filled cupcakes that they made. 
  • Whitman was a bit tired tonight after playing this afternoon outside. He usually doesn't go and play at the neighbor's house by himself but did tonight. The little guy even shut the garage door when he came home. 
  • Supper at Shannon's house was taco salad so everyone found something that they enjoyed. Robby spent most of the time working on Whitman's ipad which was on the fritz. He did run and pick up the boys who left basketball starving. 
  • We stayed out later than we should had, but sure enjoyed a night out even if it was a night in at someone else's house. The kids must have been a bit tired from cooking, trampolining and basketball because the upstairs is pretty quiet already tonight.

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