January 1, 2019

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  • We slept in a bit on this first day of the year. I think that most of the kids did as well. Whitman was the first kid that we saw. He was concerned about getting his breakfast. When we asked him who all was awake, he told us Campbell and Reagan. When we heard him say Reagan, we questioned him until we finally understood that Reagan was just up long enough to tell him that he couldn't sit on the bonus room steps and watch his ipad. Alyssa, Reagan and Kennedy were still trying to sleep up there.
  • Anderson worked with Robby to make breakfast this morning. He had received a Star Wars waffle maker for Christmas and took making his waffles very seriously. I think that he was pretty proud of himself.
  • After the kids all ate, they headed outside to play some. While they did that, I worked on that last closet left on my list. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to finish it. I have straightened the closet, but that means that all of the clothes that were shoved in there are not in a big heap in the closet upstairs.
  • Kennedy's dad picked her up before we left and on our way to Grannymom's house we dropped off Alyssa. Lunch was at Grannymom's house. We had our traditional black eyed peas and hog jaw. 
  • The kids all played a game of dominoes after lunch. While they were playing, Whitman sat in my lap and went sound to sleep. I think that he was a bit tired from staying up so late last night. Cash came home with us and ended up spending the night.
  • We dropped off the big 3 and Cash at home, and the little 3, Robby and I ran a few errands. We stopped at Kirklands where I had birthday money to spend (yes, birthday money from last year) plus a birthday coupon to spend (birthday coupon from this year). 
  • I ended up buying a lamp for in the kitchen, a Christmas pillow and a paper towel holder. Robby suggested that we go to Target. Their Christmas stuff was 90 percent off and very little was left. We did leave with some candy, wrapping paper and to/from tags. 
  • Once at home, we hung up a sign from Christmas which meant that we had to vacuum under and in the couch. We also put my new lamp on the table. Unfortunately, while we were working on the sign, we heard a huge crash and then an "ooopsie." Whitman had some how knocked the lamp off the bar. I had never liked the cheap lamp from ikea so this wasn't too traumatic for me. We had planned on putting it in the bathroom, but I guess I will just have to get another one. 
  • The Wilson's were soon over for supper. We had taquitos, soft tacos and chicken tortilla soup along with all of our leftover sweets. The kids had lots of fun playing inside, outside, upstairs, and downstairs. They were all over and all had lots of fun. 
  • Graham took the floor tonight so Cash could sleep in his bed. I do still think that the boys are awake up there. Hopefully, they will sleep soon. I am pretty sure that Graham will since his nyquil should soon kick in. 
  • And I didn't forget about our resolutions, I will get them done tomorrow or maybe the next day! Promise.

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