January 20, 2019

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  • Church morning, and there was little drama this morning. Well, when Whitman saw his clothes laid out for him, he shouted "let me guess, it is church day." Indeed. it was! 
  • Everyone grabbed their breakfasts and off to church we headed. Since Nonna and Pops weren't there, we sat down a bit early. We didn't even know what to do with ourselves. Sunday school was next and afterwards, we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch.
  • She had brisket and all of the fixings. The cousins all enjoyed playing together for a few minutes. They played hide n seek outside-I guess no one told them that it was cold out there. Soon though we were all loading up and bundling up to go outside.
  • Today was the March for Life, and it was indeed chilly. Thankfully, the sun was shining so we weren't miserable. We found all of our buddies and shuffled to the front of the capitol. The speakers didn't seem as long this year, but all the little girls sat in a group and wrote on the ground with someone's pretzel sticks. They were able to use them like chalk which was pretty creative.
  • Afterwards, we found Grannymom-we had lost her during the shuffle. Then we headed to Sonic and back to the grocery store. And yes, if you are counting, we have now been to the store 4 days in a row. We had planned to make biscuits but I forgot to buy self rising flour before. Also today, I found white chocolate for just a dollar and since that was on my list, it was a win! (And we have no intentions of going back to the store for at least 48 hours.)
  • When we finally did make it home, we had everyone help up put things up and do some cleaning. Then we did have time for a short nap-well, Robby and I did fall sound asleep after eating one of my bags of Christmas candy. 
  • Robby made meatball subs for supper tonight. They were well liked by everyone which was another win. At supper tonight, someone mentioned the March for Life and Whitman piped up, "it should be shorter." I guess even short speeches to a 5 year old boy are long.
  • It was 8ish by the time that we finished supper. Then I went upstairs with Anderson to re-build one of his Lego sets. We finished over 100 steps today and did finish his tank thingy-ma-bob. Tomorrow Campbell has grand plans of rebuilding one of her sets. We shall see what the day brings!

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