January 21, 2019

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  • Today has been a fairly busy Martin Luther King day. Robby usually has to work today so we normally do school. However, this year his company is off so we were too. We have been a biscuit making factory, stoke brokers, Lego architects, an airport shuttle and plumbers. 
  • We did stay in bed as long as we could. Once we did get up, I worked on school for the rest of the week. It does take a few minutes to pull everyone's school out each week. Since we make copies of most things so everyone can use them, I can't just hand them a pile of books. It takes more time, but it does work out well for us. 
  • Then Robby sat down with all of the kids and let them pick their stocks. He talked about stocks a bit, divided everyone into teams (Reagan and Whitman, Campbell and Graham, and Anderson and Keaton). 
  • Whitman was adamant that he was only "focusing on Disney" and would not even consider buying another stock. Reagan also bought Netflix and Bank of the Ozark for their group. Anderson and Keaton bought Amazon, Bank of the Ozarks and Disney. Graham and Campbell also did Bank of the Ozarks (Robby just told them that this was an Arkansas company, and they all picked it.), the company that owns the Pink stores, McDonalds and of course Campbell picked the Campbell's company. 
  • After they picked their stocks, we loaded the ap on their ipads so they can watch their investments. Then Robby and I set to work making a few biscuits. We ended up making 3 biscuit recipes which was about 75 biscuits. Don't worry, we didn't eat them all today. You can freeze the biscuits and then bake them without thawing so now we are ready for lots of yummy breakfasts. 
  • At lunch, we went to Dairy Queen to eat. It was pretty busy there but the kid's meals were on sale today so everyone had a yummy lunch. Now, after we left Dairy Queen guess where we went. Yep, the grocery store. In my defense we were out of milk. I know this is the 5th day in a row that we have been to the store-I just like the store! I can't help it. 
  • We also went to Walmart and them Lowes looking for a switch plate for our mudroom. Those were found and Robby put them in when we came home. We then worked some more on the biscuits. Soon it was time to go and pick up Jason from the airport. 
  • Campbell and Keaton spent a good part of the day looking for the neighbors to come outside and play. They will go outside and ride their bikes in front of their house for a while and then come back inside. Finally tonight, they were finally home and they played for a little bit outside. Whitman even joined them. I tell you, my girls have gotten the neighbor's money's worth on their trampoline.
  • Keaton, Whitman, Robby and I went to the airport to go and pick up Jason. He was returning home from a wedding in Arizona. Keaton and Whitman talked pretty much the entire way there and most of the way back home. 
  • Once we made it home, Robby went to work on sausage, eggs and biscuits for supper for some of the kids while I heated up leftovers for the other ones. Then I did go upstairs and work on legos for a little bit with Anderson. Tomorrow though, I do have to help Campbell with her Lego farm. 
  • Then Robby started cleaning the grout in the kitchen, and he followed that up with trying to work on the kitchen sink. It is been contrary for a very long time-if you want hot water you have to turn the handle all the way to the window and you can't turn the faucet to one side of the sink. It did work at least...he was able to find out the problem-the faucet is broke and we need a new one. 
  • We unfortunately let the kids stay up until almost 10 since Robby was working and I was trying to help hold the faucet as he screwed it in. The kids are in bed, and Robby is finished with the faucet but now doing a bit of cabinet repair work. Earlier he did talk about taking a sledge hammer to my cabinets. I did urge him not to because I didn't want to have card tables as my cabinets!

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