January 7, 2019

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  • Of course I had planned to wake up a bit earlier than I did today, but I was up before I wanted to start school so that was a good thing. Graham was the only one awake when I woke up, but when I went to wake everyone up, that silly boy was laying in his bed acting like he was asleep.
  • Today's breakfast was cereal and cinnamon rolls. We will be eating on cinnamon rolls for the next week or so. This should go later in the blog, but tonight at almost bedtime, I went to Shannon's to watch her make biscuits. Now, biscuits are on our list of things to make. We will never have to buy breakfast food again! (We will only have to buy larger pairs of pants with eating only cinnamon rolls and biscuits.)
  • School went surprisingly well today. The kids got back into the swing of things during school. There wasn't too much drama during the morning. I have given my big 3 new books to read and I guess that it was quite a bit of reading because Reagan was still working at noon. I had thought that she had finished 2 days of school was she sometimes does. I was pretty shocked to just see her one day of work. 
  • After school was done, we all had our lunch and then started to work on our chores. After chores, we then did a bit of reading. Whitman and I did a little bit of reading this afternoon. He is doing well on his reading. Also during school today, he did most of his work by himself with little prompting-maybe we should have Christmas break more often.
  • This afternoon I did get back on the treadmill for a little bit. I wasn't too impressed with it, but should probably try again tomorrow. Campbell and Keaton spent the afternoon playing outside. They came in just as I was telling everyone else that we were about to leave.
  • Tonight, we celebrated my birthday at Nonna's house. She had hamburgers and all of the fixings plus a huge 3 layer cake for me. The kids were pretty anxious for me to open my presents. I opened a few gift cards, some paint and a coupon for a shopping trip with Nonna. 
  • We stayed there for a while and then headed home. We had to make a detour on the way home due to a wreck. At home, everyone put on their pjs and Campbell and Keaton had showers. Campbell had a bit of a smart mouth and was sent to bed early-only about 20 minutes early.
  • When I did come home from Shannon's house, I went upstairs to tell everyone good night and the only ones awake were Anderson, Reagan and Campbell. Reagan listens to an audio book at night so she is usually the last one asleep which is why she is always the last one awake!

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