January 8, 2019

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  • Second day of school this morning. My grand plans of starting back on our breakfast menu didn't go so well today when I saw that toast and eggs were on the menu for today. It was already time to start school so there was no time to be making toast and eggs. 
  • It is helpful that we have at least 2 dozen cinnamon rolls sitting in the kitchen. Yes, they are a hindrance to that New Year's diet. And on a side note, Robby and I made our last batch of cinnamon rolls tonight. They are divine. I think that they are better than any of the other ones that we made. I am not sure why, but gracious they are so good that Robby and I might just have eaten a pan.
  • School was fairly uneventful today. I finally got to the point in Reagan's math that I had no idea what they were talking about. I guess that is pretty good since it is now Algebra 1. I tried to read the book to understand but couldn't understand that. I tried to ask Reagan but she didn't understand. So I made her sit with me while we watched the video of the man teaching the lesson. 
  • It was torcherous for both of us, but if you do need to know anything about slopes and intercepts, I am your lady! It is funny the things you learn homeschooling. Tonight we were playing a game and Robby was trying to get the kids to say the word "the." He called it a pronoun. I almost died! (By the way, the word "the" is an article.)
  • After school today, we had our lunch and then worked on our chores. There was more school to do-Jr. Ranger books, reading with Whitman, correcting some of Anderson's work, history with everyone. It just seemed to never end.
  • Campbell made another recipe of bath bombs this afternoon. Keaton was going to help but her and Whitman were too busy practicing. The put on a show for all of us upstairs. They sang "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" and "Holy, Holy, Holy." My big kids weren't too interested in watching the show, but I reminded them that I had sat through many of their shows as well and they would stay for both songs. It was pretty adorable though. I should have even recorded some of it on my phone.
  • Soon the neighbors were all outside. It was a beautiful day. I did have to run out and get Campbell and Keaton so they could put on their basketball shoes because Candice was coming to take them to practice. Whitman was still playing with the neighbors, and he stayed out for a while after the girls left. 
  • Everyone else was outside until all of the neighbors had to go home. Robby and I were inside finishing the cinnamon rolls and making supper for tonight. I do love crazy busy kitchen and that is exactly what we had tonight.
  • Once the girls came home, we ate our supper and everyone had their showers. We even had time to play my new Catch Phrase game with everyone before ushering everyone to bed.  

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