January 27, 2019

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  • Everyone except for Whitman was awake and dressed this morning before I was even stirring. I did gently bring Whitman downstairs to my bed where he stayed while I showered. I did try to wake him up gingerly so when I had to break the news to him he would take it well. It did work because when I did tell him that it was big church day, he wasn't overly upset.
  • We did the church thing-since Reagan spent the night with Alyssa, she went to church upstairs. Campbell and Whitman sat with Grannymom while Keaton sat with us which is a bit out of the ordinary since she always sits with Grannymom. 
  • Our lunch today was at Nonna's house. They had pork tenderloin, and I thought that it was the best that they have made in a long time. We finished the meal with blueberry cobbler and chocolate pie.
  • Reagan pulled out the game 20 questions, and the kids played it. Jason and I helped, and despite the game being 20+ years old, most things were still accurate. Anderson pulled way ahead of everyone else. I am pretty sure of the reason too-when we do all of our reading during school, he is the one who soaks it all in the most. For example, he quickly guessed Pablo Picasso when they were reading the clues.
  • Back at home this afternoon, Whitman, Campbell and Keaton went to the neighbors house to play on their trampoline. After a while, Campbell came to get me because Whitman was in a mood. Sure enough, he was. Even after I talked to him, he just couldn't calm down. I brought him inside and eventually sent him to the shower where he even fussed during his shower some, but did calm down and start singing. It is a bit strange how a shower can calm everyone down-that is probably why I take a shower every night. 
  • I tried to get him to take a nap beside me but he tossed and turned for a while before I finally sent him away. Soon though it was time for Reagan to head to her life group. Robby and I are sometimes a bit sad that Reagan's social calendar is busier than ours. We just need something to do on Sunday nights!
  • We did make two more batches of biscuits to freeze. I know that we are a bit obsessive but we did buy a half gallon of buttermilk, and I wasn't going to let any of it go to waste. For supper, we did indeed have biscuits.
  • Robby had to pick up Reagan from her night out. While he was gone, Campbell and I worked on her legos a bit tonight, and she also helped me do a bit on my cricut. Next week will be fairly busy so hopefully we did get a head start on it tonight.

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