January 12, 2019

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  • Anderson and Graham were the only ones awake this morning when I started walking through. Keaton was the easiest to wake up, but she just walked to Whitman's bed and climbed in it. I headed on downstairs to get myself ready.
  • A bit later, I did hear Whitman shouting, "it's basketball day." I assumed, wrongly, that this meant that he was excited about the day. He was not! Only his ipad and milk pleased him. He was able to have those two things for a few minutes before he was herded to the car for a day of basketball.
  • The first game was Keaton's. Her team did great-well, her team won. Keaton did score once, but I believe that all of the other points in the game were scored by one little girl. She is smaller than Keaton but dribbles the ball like a pro. She even dribbled behind her back as she was going for a layup during the game. It is quite entertaining to watch.
  • After that game, I took Anderson to Game Stop to spend a gift card. He really wanted one game, however it was very expensive. He did settle on another game, and said that he was "pleased yet disappointed." I did encourage him to just wait a while and maybe the game he wants will be discounted.
  • We had time to come home after the first game. I worked on pulling out school for this next week. Then it was time to load up for Campbell's game. Anderson was already gone again to go and eat lunch with Robby.
  • Campbell's team did well and also won their game. They didn't do nearly as well as they have before and the score was pretty low! Graham's game was next, and I sure thought that this week would have been his week to win. But it was not. Just like every single game, they were so, so close. Maybe next week.
  • We had an hour between games so some of the kids stayed at the gym with Grannymom, while Whitman and Reagan went with Robby to the store and I headed to Michaels. I didn't buy anything but Robby did return with snacks for the kids before Anderson's game.
  • Anderson's team has won every game and once again they squeaked out a win. Anderson scored at least 6 points today. That isn't a ton, but for us short Dennies it is a lot. The boys that he has been guarding are often a foot taller than him. It is almost comical. I will say that he does hold his on, but he better hit a growth spurt soon.
  • I had a birthday coupon for a steak place along with a gift card, so Reagan and I headed there for supper. She had steak and I had chicken which was delicious. Then we met the others at the Wilson's house. Robby had some bologna that Tony fried up for supper. 
  • Shannon had made a dessert, but Robby also made ooey gooey. Then we made 4 batches of breakfast burritos to put in our freezer. I think that we made over 60 burrito fillings which should last us for a while. 
  • We had planned on making biscuits too but the boys got a bit interested in the football game. We watched the Cowboys lose before rushing home for the last two, Reagan and Whitman, to take a shower before heading to bed.  

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