January 29, 2019

  • The first bit of the morning was the same as usual today. Breakfast, reading and then everyone started their school work. However, their school work was a little bit different today. Everyone had a list of their easier things (Bible study, reading, computer geography...), basically they had to do all of their work that I do not have to check. I knew that I would be gone most of the day and coming home to a pile of paperwork to check and then correct with everyone is the pits.
  • This week is our appointment week-one each day (except Wednesday)-and today was Campbell's nutrition center visit. She was not too thrilled about the idea of this optional visit. After I did explain what she could almost buy with her earnings after our 3 visits, she did come around. 
  • It is has been years now but we have spent a lot of time at the Nutrition Center, and the security guard, friendliest guy ever, is still there. Today they weight and measured Campbell, put her in a machine for a few minutes, made her do some quick math problems, did psych testing on her (and me), made her (and me) fill out lots of paperwork and made a copy of her hand. All of that sure did take us 4 hours. 
  • So it was nearly 3 when we made it home. We did run by the library and Sonic-I have to keep my girl excited about these nutrition center visits because I will be getting half of the profit as well. 
  • When we did arrive home, most everyone had finished their chores as well as their school. One child had "done" her Bible study, but when I checked it, it wasn't complete. I told her to finish it and she said that she did. Of course I checked it, and golly me it wasn't yet complete. She said that she didn't know the answers, and I told her to get that Bible and ask if she couldn't figure it out. 
  • Another child told me that he had vacuumed out the car while I was gone. That is a weekly chores, but I thought that it was strange that he was able to do that while I was downtown in my car. Hmm, no telling how many things that are able to sneak past me. 
  • Anderson and I did work on some more Legos this afternoon. My goal is to work every single lego thing that we have and yes, I know that will never happen and yes, I know that if we did this there would not be enough shelf space in the whole house.
  • Campbell, Keaton and Whitman played outside this afternoon until it was time to load up for supper. This week is the redeem your Chick Fil A receipt week so we had supper there. Then it was time for a grocery store run. 
  • Everyone went into the store and that is probably why we spent a hundred dollars when all we were planning on buying was some milk and cheese. We had fun though. Robby did admit that going to the store is not as fun when you go with kids.
  • Once at home, everyone had to help unload the groceries before taking their showers. It was a full day in a pretty full week.  

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