August 16, 2019-Sixth Silver Dollar City Trip

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This morning I asked Whitman if he was excited about our trip. He had been picking out Disney pins for our upcoming Disney trip and questioned if I was talking about our Disney trip. I told him that we were about to go to Branson in a few minutes. He looked at me and replied, “well, that is the first I have heard about that.”

I guess he hadn’t heard much about the trip since I packed for him which is just easier right now since he prefers to wear long sleeve shirts with his shorts. This little run to Branson is a bit different for everyone because Reagan and Anderson are staying back at home. They had a church retreat tonight so when we left for the trip, they were still there. Well, Anderson was there seeing us off while Reagan was still in her bed. 

As we were about to back a way, I thought that Whitman was about to cry when he said, “I am going to miss Anderson so much.” I told him that he could go and give him one last hug and out of the car he jumped. 

We left a bit earlier than planned today since we threw in a few extra stops on the way up. Not only was packing a bit different for this trip, the whole dynamics have been a bit changed as well. First, since this trip will be just one night, it does seem silly to bring all of the things that we bring. However, most things are already packed so it wasn’t any problem to load them in the car. I did omit my panini maker. I am still trying to figure out our new packing pattern so it neve hurts to practice.

Then not having the big kids does make things a bit different. The others seem to have stepped up. For example, they make sure that Whitman is with us and are even a bit more helpful. Maybe we should always take separate trips-no, not really. I do like having all of my people with us.

Our first stop today was something that has been on my to do list for a few years. We went to pick apples! We went to Cadron Crest Orchard in Guy. The kids and I went there with Grannymom and Nonna in 2016. They had less apples this time, but we still managed to spend a little bit.

Once we made it there, we waited in a line to find out where we needed to go. Then we were off to pick apples. They had lots of cooking apples, but we were interested in the eating apples. When we climbed in the car, I told Robby that the man said that one bag full was about 40 dollars. Robby was quick to ask why we had 4 bags with us. 

We then drove to the trees and went to town picking. We did lose Campbell briefly only to discover that she had practically filled her bag full. Bless. She was going to town getting apples. Whitman was so excited that we were going to get to pick them “like the pumpkin patch.” 

We walked back to the stand and paid for our apples. The kids could not have been more excited about the apple picking. Once we loaded the apples in the car, we headed back to the main road. The gps took us down a few back roads which was a pretty drive.

Other than our apple picking, we only stopped once for a gas/bathroom stop. Then I made lunch for everyone as we zoomed on down the road. The ride didn't seem very long at all, and around 3 we were walking in to Silver Dollar City.

I will say that we were a bit surprised be the weather. It was overcast and pleasant. We weren't hot at all. I joked that I could have used a jacket but it wasn't really that cool. It was so comforatable though. I hope that tomorrow will be just like that except I have looked at the weather and saw that it will be near 100 tomorrow!

There were a few folks at SDC today. We waited for about 20 minutes to get on Fire in the Hole and passed out Powder Keg because the line was super long. The bigs did the Barn Swings and Outlaw Run. We then went to the Fireman's Landing and did a few of the rides there.

The next stop was the other kiddie area. Everyone but me did the big swings. We stayed in that area doing most of the rides that were open there. Then it was back up the hill to Time Traveler for Graham and Campbell and Thunderation for the rest of us.

We did stay for the show at the end of the day. The park closed at 6 so we had really packed quite a bit into 3 hours. The show was a bit loud but that was good because Robby and I were able to sing along so we could embarrass Graham. We didn't stay until the end but as we were leaving they did start singing a patriotic song. We said that if they started with those songs then more people will come and stay for the show.

We then headed to the hotel. We are actually in a name brand hotel tonight which is strange for our Branson trips. Robby even commented that the wallpaper was all the way on the walls in this hotel! We heated up our bbq sandwiches for supper. We added to that chips, bean dip and corn chips to complete our meal.

After we ate, we cleaned up and headed out again-Krispy Kreme was calling our names. We always discuss good customer service when we come to this Krispy Kreme and compare it to the service at our now closed Krispy Kreme. I had an apple crisp which was delicious. After we ate our fill, we headed back to the hotel.

Everyone had showers and then we wtached some tv for a little bit before finally hitting the sack!

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