August 5, 2019

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  • Anderson and Graham are usually awake before everyone. This morning however, Whitman came in to our and climbed in bed between us. A bit later Graham came in the room, and Whitman was quick to ask him where he had been. Graham told Whitman and he had been sitting at his school desk and saw him run by. I guess Whitman didn't think that it was safe to go in the living room alone without a brother there.
  • My alarm had already gone off a few times, but since snuggly Whitman was there I stayed in bed a bit longer. Eventually, it was time to wake up and start our second week of school. We had to wait a while for Reagan to get downstairs, but once we began we read for an hour and then started on our school work.
  • School went fairly well today. Things were definitely slower today-not so much for the kids but definitely for me. I added spelling to everyone's list so that takes some time. Plus there was lots of help to given with math. Overall, things went fairly smoothly today.
  • Everyone made their own lunches today. While we were eating, we decided to make a quick run to Third Realm. We gobbled down our food, picked up and headed out the door. The kids enjoyed jumping. Graham was super excited that he has mastered a flip. Keaton and Campbell spend all of their Third Realm time working on their gymnastics which is the current craze around here.
  • After Third Realm the littles went to the pool, while I went home with the bigs. Once we pulled into our street, Reagan started to ask to drive. I was in Robby's car so things would have probably have been easier, but I told her that teaching to drive was Robby's job. The more I think about that, the more I think that is a good plan for me-I have 6 people that need to learn that skill so think that delegating will work out well!
  • I walked on the treadmill this afternoon despite the bonus room being 80 degrees. All of our family have had some sort of air problems lately and it is now our turn. That will have to be solved tomorrow but at least it isn't in the main house.
  • We were able to find enough supper in the fridge and freezer again tonight. We were steadily working through the fridge and freezer but are working much slower in going through the pantry. 
  • And in case you were wondering, I did quickly find 20 things to throw away (or put in the garage sale box) today. I didn't take me very long, but I did realize that finding a whole 200 things might be a bit difficult. I might have to get the kids and Robby to help a bit.
  • After we ate, we ran to the Heltz' house for some watermelon. The kids played some, and we all enjoyed some watermelon. Well, not everyone Keaton and Anderson do not eat watermelon. When we made it home, Keaton asked for a snack so I did offer her an apple. She was not pleased with that choice but must have been hungry because she accepted.
  • The kids had their showers tonight. I was able to fold a load of clothes tonight, read to Whitman, read a chapter of a book to the girls, and trimmed everyone's fingernails. It was a bit nice to be productive. Now, if I really wanted to get ahead, I would get up right now and fold one more load of clothes and put away some dishes, but I guess I can find some time for that tomorrow.

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