August 24, 2019

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  • This was a pretty lazy Saturday. Robby and Graham went off this morning to run a few errands. They didn't go where I wanted to go-the grocery store. I could have boughta few things, but I could always buy a few things-even right after leaving the grocery store.
  • I did read to the girls a book and read to Whitman so those were things off of my list. There was also laundry to fold this morning. Then I was pretty much out of things to do. I even ended up being a bit productive and sewing a mickey head on a shirt for Keaton. I had almost finished it when I decided that I needed one more thing from Walmart to complete it. (It is done now and really cute.)
  • Nonna and Pops brought Reagan back from her night over there. They did quite a bit of shopping looking for a comforter for Reagan, but they had no luck. After they left, we had had our lunches. Reagan dove right into her leftover steak from last night.
  • We didn't have too much time until time to leave. Today was Reagan's first soccer game, but it wasn't really a game. It was just a scrimmage. They played a team from Byant on Reagan's practice field. The other team won, but I think that Reagan had fun. She plays defense and seems like she really enjoys it. I will say that soccer is just a lot of kicking the ball. I like to watch Reagan kick the ball, but other than that I guess I could take a book. Maybe I will get more into this real soccer business as the season progresses.
  • On our way home from the game, we ran into Walmart so Robby could buy sausage for supper while I bought some webbing for Keaton's shirt and bought a tshirt for Campbell. Then we hurried on home. I should have gone to the bathroom at Walmart because it is a long way from Walmart to our house...the soccer field does not have a potty! 
  • We then had a few minutes of downtime before we started making waffles for supper...except we didn't have any syrup so the waffle plan was scraped. We just ended up having biscuits, sauage, eggs, apples, grapes and strawberries which was still quite an excellent meal.
  • As we were cleaning up, we decided to go to Third Realm for a little bit of jumping time. Everyone decided to go so we all went. It was kind of crowded but not too crowded and not scary at all. 
  • Once we made it home, it was time for showers for all. Robby worked on a tv while the kids all played Minecraft until bedtime. 

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