August 15, 2019

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  • Even though I always have plans to wake up a bit earlier, I just can't do that. I can however, wake up, get myself ready, wake the girls up, straighten my room, take the clothes out of the dryer and empty the dishwasher in less than 15 minutes. So that at least does still get our day started roughly on time.
  • We moved right on through our school work today. It helped tremendously that most of the kids don't have spelling. I have come to realize that Whitman will have to do spelling every single day if I have any hopes of finishing his book this year. He is just so, so slow!
  • I even had a break this morning and was able to fold the laundry and fill out a few forms for Reagan and Anderson's weekend church retreat. We ate our lunch as we did some work-Keaton and Whitman were doing their science with Reagan, Anderson was working on his science, Campbell and Graham were already finished and on their devices.
  • We did some afternoon work, and then all loaded up. I will tell you that some of my people were not too happy about leaving for an afternoon of shopping. I really wasn't either, but I do love marking things off of my list.
  • Our first stop was Target. The girls want new bedding, and Reagan knows exactly what she wants. I couldn't find the sales at Target like I had seen in the ad, but that was fine because Reagan could not find what she had in mind there either.
  • The next stop was the Dollar Tree. I did let the kids all pick out some candy or food something or another. Their choices are always just so odd-they picked cookies, popcorn, chocolate bar but few packages of candy. I was glad that we had the ice chest with us to keep all of their foods from melting.
  • Then it was to Walmart. We did what all we needed to do there and even loaded up on a few things that are cheaper than Kroger. And finally, it was time to stop at Third Realm to meet the friends. The kids jumped hard until it was time to leave. 
  • We rushed towards home, stopping at Burger King to pick up their supper. Of course I didn't get home with Reagan's nuggets (that I had paid for.) I felt horrible, but did make sure that she had plenty of fries to eat. I offered to make her something or help her find something, but she just pulled out nuggets from the fridge and ate them. 
  • I then rushed off to meet my homeschool mommas for a planning/chatting session. Robby was also out tonight at a work thing so the kids were home alone for a little bit. They all did fine and I only received one text while I was gone. 
  • I made it home before it was bedtime. The boys were still going strong late into the evening!  I am not too sure what makes some evenings a bit more wild than others, but this night they were definitly on the wild side! 

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