August 29, 2019

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  • Ahh, what another wonderful day this was. It is after 10, and we have been busy all day long, but it has been a good busy. (Though our to-do list seems to be growing by the minute.) 
  • School this morning, and the principal had to even get involved. My big boys were fooling around, and I made sure to put an end to it. Well, as things go around here, me "putting an end to it" did really nothing. Though when Robby walked in the room and told them to straighten up and go back to their desks, I never heard another peep out of them.
  • School went a bit longer today, but my sweet Graham volunteered to make everyone lunch. He and Keaton took orders and made everyone grilled cheese sandwiches. They were so proud of themselves, and lunch went incredibly smoothly. It was much easier than everyone grabbing their own things. I might just have to make Graham and Keaton our lunch chefs.
  • This afternoon was fairly short. I was able to pack some before heading out. Today was my first day to volunteer at a pregnancy place in Benton. I plan on doing it every other week and was relieved to find out that my main tasks will be folding clothes and putting diapers in bags. This things I can do!
  • While I was gone, Robby took the kids to Third Realm to jump for a little bit. I ran home to put on pants, picked up Candice and then headed to Third Realm to change cars with him.
  • Afterwards, I went to church for a women's event. It was super fun, and I even had a play a game on the stage. And yes, my team won. 
  • While I was there, Robby then took the kids to ChickFila for free sandwiches. After that, they came home and worked on putting new mulch in all of the flowerbeds. I just looked at it in the dark when I came home, but it looked super good. 
  • The kids were still up when I came home, we rehashed this day and talked about what all was going to happen tomorrow and then it was bedtime for the crew.

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