August 13, 2019

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  • I started the day off a bit (a lot actually) stressed about getting everything done today. I was actually dreading the day. I had no reason to be worried at all about the day. It was hectic and busy, but everything just worked out perfectly.
  • Now, I sure didn't think that it would be a perfect day when I had to wake everyone up at 7:50 this morning. I couldn't find Whitman at first, but then discovered him laying on the very edge of Anderson's bed. He was wedged in between the wall and the mattress. 
  • We didn't do our main work together today because we had to leave a bit early for a homeschool buddy swim party.  Someone is always waiting on me to work with them, and I wasn't able to finish working with everyone today before it was time to leave. I still had work with Whitman, Campbell and Anderson.
  • I was in a bit of panic mode trying to get us all out the door. I did tell Whitman about an hour before we leave that if he didn't finish his phonics and math, then he would not go with us. I would have thought that this would have lit a fire under him. It did-briefly. He seemed to fly through his phonics but then slowed down on his math. Sweet Campbell who had plenty left to do herself sat down with him to help him get it all done.
  • A lot of the homeschool folks showed up at Amber's house to swim. Our pool is closed during the week right now. It was a super hot day-hot enough that everyone had to get in the pool. Whitman decided that he wanted his floatee for the first bit that we were there. That was perfect because I didn't have to watch him! He did eventually take it off so I had to be on pool duty though.
  • We took a group picture and one of the mom's posted it as "first day of school." It wasn't exactly our first day of school, but it was sure a fun day swimming with friends. We left a bit earlier than everyone else, because we had a homeschool event at the library.
  • The boys weren't too excited about making dough during the library class. However, they were the ones with dough up to their elbows. It was basically playdoh made with kool aid. At the end of the class, the lady said that next week they were going to make rock candy. Graham was quick to say that we needed to have all of our homeschool buddies come.
  • They really all enjoyed it when they were told that they were serving lunch at 3 which was in just 15 minutes. We found some more books, and then found the lunch. They had bbq sandwiches, an apple, mango juice, and chocolate milk. Everyone left with a full tummy and plenty of books for all.
  • Back at home, Robby loaded up and took everyone to Third Realm to jump. They all had fun there, and I worked hard around here marking things off of my list. I was able to finish quite a few things, but after an hour of being home alone I don't really know what to do with myself. 
  • Thankfully, the kids were home fairly soon, and I didn't go stir crazy. Graham was anxious to be home because tonight was his night to make supper. He had chosen fettuccine Alfredo and corn for his main meal. It didn't take long for us to whip that up. Soon he was happily serving it to everyone.
  • The kids had their showers while I finished up working with the last few folks for school. Then Graham made his dessert-s'mores dip. He was so excited about it and was beaming as everyone went on and on about how good it was.
  • We then had a bit of quiet time before it was finally bedtime. I am pretty exhausted myself!

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