August 26, 2019

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  • We were moving a bit slow this morning, but still started our school routine just about 10 minutes late. There was lots of scurrying around trying to get breakfast and get into my room for us to start school. 
  • Everyone found their breakfast and settled in to hear some reading. Today we read about earth's perfect atmosphere along with the American Revolution plus there was a slew of other books that we read from this morning. 
  • After we finished reading, everyone started on their work for the day. It was a perfect storm for Anderson-he had numerous things today that didn't take him anytime at all. Math was a review, grammer was just the front of one page, writing was accidently done on Friday, and his other writing was just correcting errors for a final draft. He was finished super early. I did try to encourage him to do a few things for tomorow, but just guess how that went over!
  • Even Whitman was finished at a decent time today. Reagan sat down with him and helped him through some of his math. He can do it, but will just stare into space for a very long time. He was finished by lunch which is super early for him. 
  • Everyone ate their lunches while they were playing Minecraft. That game has had a resurgence. The kids had all stopped playing it, but now that is what they are all playing. Even Whitman can play along. Though when they play, they are often pretty noisy, and it usually involves quite a few people yelling at each other. 
  • After lunch we read a bit more. Then I worked on a few things on my list-reading to Campbell and Keaton, reading to Whitman, fixing a doll bed and a few other things. Then it was time to load up and head to Third Realm. 
  • This is our last week so I figure we will come quite a few times. When we left today, A boss man told the kids that they could all have a tshirt or hat. I made all of the kids thank him and thanked him myself as well. I am not really sure why he did this-possibly they are going out of business is all I can think of! Ha! 
  • We did run to Walmart to pick up green beans for Campbell's supper. There was no fresh ones there-well, they had fresh ones that had already been snapped and bagged. We bought them despite the price. Let's just say I paid about 5 dollars more than I wanted to pay for green beans!
  • When we did make it home, Campbell and I went right to work on her meal. Now, I will say that this idea of mine having the kids cook is just a lot of work. I know that it is so good for them but really it is a lot of work! She made chocolate crinkle cookies, chickfila copycat chicken nuggets, Mrs. Louanne's green beans and masthed potaotes. Her meal was excellent-even Anderson approved. 
  • Keaton and Whitman played outside while Campbell worked. After supper, they all headed back outside plus Campbell. Everyone that was inside had their showers and all of my boys worked on their designs for our egg drop which is coming up with our homeschool buddies. And when I say "coming up," I really should say "happening in a little over a month." I love that they are planning ahead!
  • The evening ended with everyone having some of Campbell's cookies before bedtime. It was a pretty perfect day around here.

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