August 23, 2019

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  • What a wonderful day it has been. There was very little school work done today-just some reading together, a little science-y experiment and some catch up work for Anderson. Other than that, things were pretty slow around here.
  • I woke up later than I had planned, but still had my laundry folded, dishes put away, kitchen swept and read to Whitman after only being up for an hour. I really probably needed a few more things for me to do today-other than cleaning or anything productive like that.
  • I did run to church for a little bit. Our Sunday school cabinet was completely filled with junk. I have about 15 minutes on Wednesday that I used to throw a lot away. So today, I was able to finish it up. I left a lot of mess in the cabinets but at least they are organized. I also hung up some things on the wall which is more than I have done in many, many years. 
  • I made it home back in time to eat lunch with everyone. Nonna and Pops arrived about that time to pick up Reagan. She already had a list of things that she wanted from amazon for her birthday, but she still wanted to go shopping to see what all she could find for her future room reno. 
  • Robby took Campbell, Keaton and Graham to Third Realm this afternoon. I did the treadmill but also spent some time pulling out school for next week and for the one day that we will get to do it the next week. That chore really took me most of the afternoon. I am not so sure what took my longer than usual today, but I must have been moving like a sloth. I might should think about doing two weeks at a time, but if we somehow get off track then things would just be a mess so maybe that isn't a good idea.
  • This evening we took the boys to basketball practice. They have missed the last few weeks so they were anxious to go back. While they were at practice we ran to Grannymom's house for a few minutes. On the way to pick up the boys, we did run by and get our car washed for the second time today. Can your car really be too clean?
  • We ate supper tonight at Arbys. I am now stuffed but possibly still looking forward to some ice cream tonight-it is Friday night after all!

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